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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Healthy Treats

by Karen Carpenter

Are you a compulsive snacker? Okay, so you're probably asking yourself; what in the world is a compulsive snacker? Well, far too many of us eat even when we're not hungry. You could call this compulsive snacking. It's like we do it because we're bored and the snacks taste good. While this is a natural human habit, it's not exactly healthy. The greatest problem lies in the snacks. These snacks or treats we're consuming aren't typically good for us. In other words, it's time to acquire some healthy treats. Yes indeed, we all need to take a second glance at our compulsive snacking habits and either squelch the habit altogether, or find some healthy treats to replace the sugary, salty, and fatty ones.

What kind of snacks and treats do you eat on a daily basis? I must admit that my daughter is a regular snacker. However, I've done well to stay one step ahead of her habit. As opposed to letting her consume any and all treats she can get her sticky little hands on, I take the initiative to set out a variety of healthy treats. By this I mean veggie-trays, sliced apples, watermelon, and grapes. She absolutely loves all of these healthy treats, and always has since she first tried them. I think the trick is getting our children interested when they're still young. Instead of getting them hooked on ice cream, soft drinks, and cookies when they're toddlers, get them hooked on healthy treats like fruit, vegetables, and juice. I know my daughter truly loves healthy treats because she chooses watermelon over cookies at the grocery store. Now that's fine parenting, folks. Okay, so I probably just lucked out with that one.

Are you in search of healthy treats for you or your family to snack on instead of the artery-clogging stuff that too many Americans gorge on? Well, a great place to start is the produce section of your supermarket. In addition, for great ideas regarding healthy treats, you can log onto the World-Wide-Web. In cyberspace you will find an array of healthy treat ideas and the rundown on how to prepare them. You can even sort through cool holiday treats to replace a lot of the unhealthy ones you currently scarf down when family is around. Get the scoop on healthy treats for your loved ones. Your bodies will thank you.

Rob's Comment: When I was living with my ex-girlfriend, we provided her with these exact healthy treats. Fruits and vegetables were given in place of ice cream, pop or dairy products. She was one of the few children at her day care who made it through flu season without brining anything home. If we provide the healthy treats for them, and become role models by eating the same treats, we can raise healthy happy children.

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