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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Are you remembering the most important meal of the day? Yes folks, I'm talking about breakfast. We all get up and get dressed, comb our hair, and brush our teeth, then dart out the door without a thought in the world. Now, what did we forget? Breakfast! We need breakfast in order to begin the day right. This is the meal that gets you charged and ready to proceed with all the day has to offer. You don't want to drive off with a fatigued look on your face and hardly any fuel to make it to your cubicle. Now, when I say we all need breakfast, I'm not just talking about any old scrap of food. I'm referring to healthy breakfast recipes. Far too many Americans just snag a latte from the local drive-thru and head to work. That's a big no-no. What you need is something more nutritious. Something that actually aids your body and mind in the thinking and acting process. Because if you can't function at work, then you're probably useless to them. It's time to browse some healthy breakfast recipes. Do you have your pencil handy?

What do you consider healthy breakfast recipes? Maybe a few pancakes, a side of bacon or sausage, and some coffee? Wrong; this is not a healthy breakfast. Sure, it's a classic, but it's simply not good for your body. First of all, those pancakes are loaded with carbs and fat, and the meat is a heart-stopper. On top of that, syrup is kind of like liquid sugar. Therefore this breakfast does not fall into the healthy breakfast recipes category. What you are truly looking for in your breakfast is vitamins and minerals. Sure, you want something that will give you energy, but not with loads of fat and sugar. Things to avoid are quick processed foods such as Pop Tarts, breakfast sausages and bacon, coffee, donuts and pastries. These are all unhealthy. What falls more into the realm of healthy breakfast recipes are omelets with fresh vegetables, 100 percent wheat toast, orange juice, and soy milk. These healthy breakfast foods offer a variety of nutrients and healthy calories for starting your day right.

As an alternative to Soy Milk, you can try Almond Milk. My that I have used for years is posted here: .

If you are in search of some wonderful healthy breakfast recipes, it pays to look online. The Internet is loaded with healthy breakfast recipes and more. Find a number of quick solutions to your morning hunger, and acquire that imperative meal before starting your busy day.

I recently found a great website offered By Erin Rogers over at
Health-E-Meals.com. Erin's a stay at home mom who has a really great cookbook filled with that are quick and convenient. She (and I agree) says that being able to switch from a fast food diet for convenience to these healthy meals provide not only great tasting nutrition, but also provides a great role model for your children or grandchildren. They'll see that you can easily prepare good food and do it quickly, be healthier, happier and have more time in your day.


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