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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Forget Calories Diet

forget dietLose a pound every single day by eating 6 special meals

Here's an interesting diet that describes eating what they call "special" foods that trick your brain into feeling satisfied or satiated.

you eat less and you feel fuller with no need to . Intersting.

they suggest not to count calories but rather to eat from a list of foods they recommend which all have a high satiety rating.

these same foods are said to reduce your blood glucose level to super low levels after each meal which then makes your body search out and burn as much fat tissue as possible after each meal.

so, the provides:

* no calorie counting

* eating high satiety foods until you feel full

* self absorbing calories (foods that require your body to burn calories just to digest them)

it's an accelerated fat burning diet.

This Forget Calories fat burning diet requires more research on my part. I'll have to do a review of the results once I get them. Stay tuned.

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