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Friday, June 09, 2006

Bottled Drinking Water

bottled drinking waterDuring the summer, more water is consumed than any other time of the year. It is a time when everyone tries to stay hydrated and healthy while participating in various summer events. A bottle of cool, clear water offers optimum refreshment with the least amount of calories.

Bottled drinking water is something that not everyone considers since water is free from the sink in your home, but bottled drinking water can not only be more convenient, it may also taste better in addition to being better for you.

Tap water is put through a chemical process before it reaches your home. Many people have heard about water treatment plants in the news. They often make headlines when something ends up in the water supply that shouldn’t be there.

It’s also not uncommon to hear about a drinking water advisory which can happen during certain times of the year. This is when people are instructed to boil their tap water for several minutes before drinking it. For anyone with a family to manage this can become a burdensome task very quickly. Also, many people have sensitive digestive tracts and even boiling the water before consuming it still results in an uneasy feeling.

The cost of bottled drinking water is often the deterrent for purchasing it. Although everyone does pay to use the water in their own homes, drop by drop, bottled drinking water is considerably more expensive. However, if you are strictly using the water in bottles for drinking, the cost can be cut down. Using tap water for cooking is fine because you are obviously boiling it which certainly helps to purify it.

Bottled drinking water is perfect for family vacations, road trips, camping trips, or even day trips to the beach. Although you can contain water from home yourself, it is probably easier to travel with if you have sealed bottles of drinking water. They can also be easily tossed into a cooler with ice, which allows you to have a chilled drink whenever you desire.

Among the many ways water promotes health: It keeps you hydrated; energizes you; aids circulation and excretion; alleviates cold/flu symptoms by thinning mucus in the sinuses and chest; and benefits your skin. Your muscles are mostly water, so consuming adequate amounts daily will keep your biceps looking full, especially after working out. So, grab the bottled drinking water or stop at the water fountain regularly - especially before, during and after exercise or sports to prevent dehydration. (Urine color is a reliable gauge if you're well hydrated. Clear or light yellow urine indicates adequate hydration; dark yellow urine means you need to be drinking more water).

If bottled drinking water is the way you choose to go, there are a host of available brands on the market. The price of bottled water can range dramatically as well, and is usually more expensive if you buy it a bottle at a time instead of a case at a time.

You can usually find excellent deals on water in warehouse stores, where bulk supplies are offered. Buying water by the case will enable you to always have a supply on hand while spending the least amount of money possible.

You can also find bottled drinking water in many different sizes, although if you plan on using it just for drinking purposes the single serving sizes would probably be the best way to go.

Gas stations may offer cases of bottled drinking water as a promotional offer when you fill up your tank as well. Take advantage of it and have a case or two in your trunk at all times.

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