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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Benefits of Wheatgrass

wheatgrass juiceIn recent years people are beginning to realize that eating healthier has serious positive benefits. Many studies are showing that individuals who eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals suffer less health problems and can even live longer lives.

One of the newest health trends is healthy drinks and included in that is wheatgrass. Although the name isn’t particularly appetizing to some people, the benefits of wheatgrass are hard to ignore.

One of the main benefits of wheatgrass is that it’s thought to have an impact on cancer. Many people strongly believe that the benefits of wheatgrass on cancer are real and that consuming wheatgrass can help in the treatment and even in the prevention of cancer. Cancer can be a life threatening disease and doing anything possible to improve one’s chances when they are battling it is important.

Two of the other benefits of wheatgrass are that it is said to help improve digestion as well as . There are many medications regularly prescribed to individuals who have . These medications can have serious side effects and one of the benefits of wheatgrass is that there are no side effects because it is a natural substance. This can be very attractive to a person who is living with high blood pressure.

In terms of digestion the benefits of wheatgrass are substantial. Wheatgrass can help keep a person’s system running in a regular fashion.

One of the benefits of wheatgrass isn’t the taste. Many people don’t find the taste of wheatgrass appealing and even though it’s consumed in small doses, it can be a struggle to take it. That’s why it can be beneficial to add wheatgrass to something else. There are several nutritional drink companies that offer wheatgrass as an ingredient in a smoothie. The benefits of wheatgrass in this form are that the taste is disguised and you have a much easier time ingesting it.

There are some cosmetic benefits of wheatgrass. One of these is that wheatgrass is said to help slow down the graying process of hair. This can be seen as a natural alternative to using harsh chemicals on hair to regain a youthful shade.

One of the other aesthetic benefits of wheatgrass is that it aids in stopping tooth decay. Your teeth are the focal point of your smile and when they sparkle and shine you are presenting your best self to the world.

Personally, I have not made it a daily habit of drinking wheat grass, but I will have one on a weekly basis as a treat. My diet is based on Sunrider foods which are already rich in many bioflavinoids, vitamins, minerals etc as well as system specific foods and teas to aid digestion and improve immune system. When I'm in a position to drink a fresh squeezed wheatgrass, I do.

It’s obvious that the benefits of wheatgrass are numerous. Although it should never be seen as a substitute for a balanced diet, the benefits of wheatgrass consumption can give you an extra added boost towards your goal of a healthy body.

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