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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gaining Muscle and Losing Fat the Biocize Way

by Brad King, Author of Fat Wars

Most people think that aerobics is the best exercise for long-term fat loss. Unfortunately, research dictates that they’re wrong in this approach. If you are going to commit yourself solely to aerobic training, then you will be carrying around that spare tire for a lot longer than you’d like. Studies show that too much cardio performed in the absence of resistance training can be detrimental to your metabolic engine, muscle and thus too long-term fat loss. Cardio itself is not the enemy. The problem lies in the amount and intensity of the cardio activity. Research has confirmed that high-intensity cardio activity cannot maintain muscle mass on its own.

In a landmark study published in the American Journal of Cardiology, aerobic training was compared to aerobic combined with resistance (weight) training. Two groups had to complete a 10-week exercise program of 75 minutes. One group completed 75 minutes of aerobic exercise twice a week, while the other completed 40 minutes of aerobics plus 35 minutes of weight training. The time-spent training was identical. At the end of the study, the group performing aerobics only showed an 11% increase in endurance, but no increase in their strength. The group that completed the combination of aerobics plus weight training showed a massive 109% increase in their endurance, and a 21–43% increase in their overall strength. There are many other studies that further prove the theory that resistance training combined with low-impact cardio is superior to either one alone.

In order to stop our bodies from declining, we first have to engage in a progressive resistance program. A Biocize weight-training routine is changed monthly in order to keep your body from adapting to the exercises so that you keep progressing. Studies prove that our bodies can adapt to an exercise routine in as little as six sessions. For continuous results we need to keep our bodies guessing as to what is about to hit them. Weight training is the only scientific way to increase the lean muscle and strength that you lose through aging. Why is muscle so important you ask? Because muscle is the metabolic engine of the body. The more muscle you carry on your frame, the higher your basal metabolic rate (BMR), which refers to your ability to utilize calories, and the more fat you burn, 24 hours each day.

One kilogram of active muscle burns in excess of 20 calories a day. So if you add muscle during your exercise program or at least keep the muscle you had in your youth, you will be well on your way to reversing some of the biomarkers of aging. When it comes to Biocize exercise (you’re going to like this part), less (duration) can often mean more (results)—less fat and more muscle.

Burning Fat While You Sleep

If the above section doesn’t convince you to train effectively for long-term fat loss, maybe this will. How would you like to be able to burn large amounts of fat while you sleep? Just as there is an RMR or resting metabolic rate, there is also an SMR or sleeping metabolic rate. The higher the SMR, the more calories are burned during sleep. Research has proved that exercise can raise our ability to burn fat while sleeping. Exercise can increase our SMR by as much as 18.6%.

This gives us a whole new perspective on getting a good night’s fat-burning sleep.

Biocize Synergy

The name of the game in Biocize exercise is to stimulate the production of the good (anti-aging) hormones, decrease the overall production of the bad (pro-aging) ones, and stimulate lean body mass development and strength, all the while reducing body fat. In order for an exercise program to be deemed Biocize exercise, it would have to incorporate a cross-training program of both anaerobic (weight training) and aerobic (walking, etc.) in the proper order to affect as many hormonal pathways as possible. The two together become the magic pill for reversing your Bio-Age.

Join the Resistance

Walking will do wonders for your vital capacity, but unfortunately it won’t reverse the two top biomarkers of aging, loss of lean body mass and muscular strength. In order to rebuild the old muscle tissue with new stronger fibers, you must work out in an anaerobic fashion. Anaerobic exercise creates intensity sufficient enough to ensure that the muscles cannot receive enough oxygen transfer. As the muscles strain to work in this environment, they end up producing a by-product of glucose metabolism called lactic acid. The more vigorous the exercise, the higher the lactic acid production. Newer research confirms that lactic acid benefits the heart and also helps to cleanse our systems by binding to and removing toxic metals that accumulate over time. When you feel like you can no longer perform a repetition during a weight-training session because of the intense burning sensation, you have entered what is referred to as your lactate threshold. The longer you stick with an exercise program, the higher your lactate threshold becomes, allowing you to exercise with a great deal more intensity than you previously could.

This anaerobic environment and the lactate threshold help to stimulate growth hormone and testosterone, which are needed for building new muscle mass (yes, even for you ladies). Growth hormone and testosterone are responsible for the hypertrophy (increased size and density) of muscle cells as well as the repair of micro-tears in the muscle tissue. Together they increase your anabolic metabolism (rebuild, repair and replace worn, damaged cells throughout the body). Nothing accomplishes this task better than a Biocize exercise program.

The Real Magic of Biocize Exercise

Another benefit of Biocize exercise lies in its ability to raise your metabolic rates (the rate at which you burn calories at rest) after your workout is complete. A great deal of this is due to the rise in anabolic (rebuild and repair) hormones, testosterone and growth hormone, approximately 15 minutes after the exercise is completed. As long as you don’t blunt this metabolic increase by consuming a high-carbohydrate energy drink (like Gatorade®) in the absence of protein, your body will have the ability to burn calories for many hours to come. As a matter of fact, in one study it was shown that over two thirds of the fat-burning activity of exercise takes place after the actual exercise sessions. This increase in fat-burning potential has been documented as lasting for over 15 hours in highly trained athletes, and is believed to be due to the increased activity of a fat-releasing enzyme called hormone-sensitive lipase.

It’s All In the Mind

The number one Biocize rule is that you must enjoy the exercise experience. If you approach the exercise portion of the program with a negative mind-set, then the experience will be less than fulfilling. Researchers now know that over half the people who take up exercise quit during the first six months. Why does this happen? Well, a recent study at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has shed new light on this depressing reality. Researcher Joanne Schneider, Ph.D., R.N., questioned 364 women over the age of 55 after they finished their exercise programs. She discovered that those who stayed positive by believing in the health benefits of working out tended to exercise more often, more intensely or for longer periods than those with negative mind-sets. Those who worried about how they looked while exercising reported exercising less often, less intensely or for shorter periods of time than those who didn’t. This study clearly proved that if you have a positive attitude toward exercise, you will want to exercise more.

Another recent study published in the journal Health Psychology showed that the myriad benefits of exercise could be attributed in part to a person’s self-confidence. The emotional high that people experience from physical activity depends in part on what they believe they are capable of, or what researchers call the exercise “self-efficacy.” The study showed that the higher a person’s self-belief, the more likely he or she is to feel emotional benefits from regular exercise. Dr. McAuley, lead researcher in the study, suggests that enhancing self-belief can improve any exercise experience, at least emotionally. People who believe they are incapable of exercising might feel themselves getting tired, reach their limit earlier or drop out of an exercise program, while those with a higher belief system would actually feel great about the experience.

It all starts in your head—if you think you can, you most likely will!

Exercises are Mood Altering

Proper exercises can even elicit powerful mood-lifting changes. In fact, a major study performed at Duke University Medical Center in England showed that certain exercises can be just as effective as some of the most prescribed medications when it comes to alleviating major depression. The study looked at 156 elderly patients diagnosed with major depressive disorder over a 16-week period. The participants were assigned to three separate groups: group 1 exercised but had no antidepressants; group 2 took anti-depressant medication with no exercise; and group 3 took antidepressant medication and combined this with exercise. To the amazement of the researchers, all three groups showed remarkably similar improvements in their depressive states following the 16-week trial. This study, as well as numerous others, has proven that exercise should be considered a viable alternative to medication when it comes to one of our most treated disorders of aging.

Depression and a negative attitude will suppress your growth hormone levels. If your goal is to stay healthy and vital for as long as possible, Biocize exercise may just be what the doctor ordered.

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