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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Firm and Flatten Your Abs - David Grisaffi Interview

firm and flatten your abdominalsI was able to get David Grisaffi, Author of Firm and Flatten Your Abs on the phone today for a 15 minute interview to talk about his book, his system and what the advantages are to getting Firm and Flatten Your abs.

My trainer does not allow me to do any abdominal work at all, but rather bases all her training around core work. I've gotten David's book myself and have modifed my training to include his system of core exercises. Even after training for 15 years, I've gotten an incredible amount of value out of his book.


Listen to the Interview

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This Interview Courtesy of www.10minuteswith.com : Quick 10 Minute Interviews with Fitness, Nutrion, Exercise and Fat Loss Experts from around the world with programs and advice designed to help you to excel, become your best and reach your goals.

Quickly Shrink Your Waistline, Lose
Body Fat, Eliminate Low Back Pain And
Develop A Stunning Set of Six Pack Abs
While Gaining Strength, Muscle Tone
And Raw Athletic Power At The Same Time…

Even If You've Been Out Of Shape For Years…
Even If You Have 100 Pounds Or More To Lose…
Even If You're Laid Up With Low Back Pain…

I Can Show You How To Flatten Your Abs…
And You Can Learn The Secrets Today

My system is unique because it doesn’t require hundreds of crunches or expensive equipment, and believe it or not, there’s not a single sit up in any of my workouts. Even more importantly, my program will not only give you the “six pack abs” you want, it will also give you a powerful, athletic midsection while reducing low back pain and loosening up stiff muscles and joints.

These techniques are not theories; they’ve been scientifically tested and proven in the sports training and rehabilitation world for decades. Although many of these methods have remained closely guarded secrets within the “inner circle” of elite strength coaches and physical therapists, I’ve now taken the complicated biomechanics, anatomy and physiology of abdominal reduction and translated it into a simple, practical, photo-filled guidebook to developing strong, rock-hard abs.


  • Precision, pre-training muscle strength testing

  • Targeted exercises for every muscle in your core (not just abs)

  • Strategic variation using a wide variety of exercises

  • Scientific core conditioning and integration to armor plate your body from injury
  • Individualized Progression and Scientific Exercise Sequencing

  • Fat Burning Nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices

Let’s take a quick look at each:

Precision Muscle Testing & Evaluation - The Secret To Designing Safe and Personalized Exercise Programs

The first thing I’ll do is show you a few tests you can use to quickly and easily evaluate your current abdominal strength and condition. If you jump in at the advanced level without building a foundation first, you could be asking for major trouble. If you’ve ever tried Swiss ball or “core” exercises and felt pain, that’s an indication that your body wasn’t ready for movements that advanced. I’ll teach you exactly where to begin – safely and for maximum effects – and reveal when you are ready to move to the next level.

Targeted exercises for every muscle in your core

If you’re doing nothing but crunches or abdominal machines, you’re already plummeting down a slippery slope towards poor posture, muscle dysfunction and injury. Crunches are fine, but when was the last time you did a multifidus exercise? How about one for the transversus abdominus? What about your internal obliques? External Obliques? Spinal erectors? Do you even know where these muscles are located and how they function?

Do you do any exercises that help you integrate your arms, legs and core in a coordinated total body movement? Do you understand the difference between spinal flexion and hip flexion? Dynamic and Isometric contractions?

If the answer is no, then listen up: Even if you lose the fat, you will still suffer from a weak and distended lower abdominal area unless you strengthen ALL the muscles in your midsection (deep and superficial), collectively known as your “core.”

42 exercises, with hundreds of possible variations ofthe basic movements NEVER be bored with your ab workouts again

There are literally HUNDREDS of exercises you can do for your abs and core. I’ve included 42 of them in my program to provide you with enough variety to keep you engaged and interested for a long time, without giving so many that you feel overwhelmed.

7 Levels of Workouts From Rank Beginner to Elite Athlete

You’ll get 7 workouts, each progressively more challenging; you simply jump in at the level based on your current condition. It’s also easy to create additional routines based on the numerous exercises and training principles I teach you.

Strengthen And Injury-Proof Your Lower Back With
Scientific Abdominal And Core Conditioning

You may have seen bodybuilders and fitness cover models with “six pack” abs that looked mighty impressive. However, appearances can be deceiving. “You’re only as strong as your weakest link” is clichéd but 100% true. Without a foundation of functional strength under the façade of “pretty” abs, you are vulnerable to muscle strains, disc herniations, Sciatic nerve pain or other injuries that could knock you out of commission for months.

My clients, on the other hand, have that incredible washboard-abs look AND the punch-proof stability, functional strength and raw power to back it up.

The Secret of Individualized Progression And Scientific Exercise Sequencing

If you’re a beginner or if you have any injuries or physical limitations, you must work though the exercises in the proper sequence to develop muscle control, coordination and stability before moving to the advanced stuff. If you don’t even have the basics mastered, then following a routine you found in a magazine at random could be a disaster waiting to happen.

I’d love to be able to work with you in my studio in Tacoma, Washington, and in fact, if you’re local, feel free to call me for information at (253) 383-5370. However, the reality is, I don’t know you personally and I won’t get to meet most of the people who purchase this course online.

Since I can’t evaluate you in person – I’ve included guidelines in my program to show you how to test yourself for the proper starting level and individualize your program. You’ll also know exactly when to make the move up to the next level.

Nutrition Secrets For Maximum Fat Loss And a Slim Waistline

Exercising without the right diet is like bailing water out of a boat with a thimble – it can be done, but it will take an awful long time…and if your “boat” has a hole in it, you may sink before you ever complete the chore.

Listen: Abdominal exercises do NOT burn fat. A caloric deficit is what burns fat!
That’s why I didn’t stop with just exercise. FIRM AND FLATTEN YOUR ABS is not a diet book, but it wouldn’t be complete without nutrition information. You’re kidding yourself if you think ab exercises are all it takes to get the waistline you want… You MUST eat properly!

Program Highlights: Here’s Just a Small Sample Of What You’ll Discover Inside FIRM AND FLATTEN YOUR ABS

The FIRM AND FLATTEN YOUR ABS e-book is about 60 pages (not counting the extra bonus reports you’ll get), so it’s a quick read. All the fluff has been cut out – it’s densely packed with valuable nuggets of solid gold waist-slimming information!

Here’s a sneak preview:

  • How to sculpt a great-looking, sexy set of six pack abs while also improving the strength and natural function of your abs
  • How long it really takes for your abs to “come out from hiding” – the truth - not the fairy tales you’re being told in the TV infomercials and magazine ads
  • Bullet proof yourself from major problems like back pain, neck pain, incontinence, ruptured discs, muscle strains and ligament injury with these killer core conditioning and stability exercises (what good is a lean, flat stomach if your back is weak and vulnerable to a blowout?)
  • 14 abdominal training myths – the truth finally revealed by a corrective exercise kinesiologist and strength coach
  • Should you train your abs everyday or not? Get the definitive answer once and for all
  • The truth about bodybuilders and magazine cover models – how they really got their abs and what this means to you
  • Still doing those outdated and ineffective “broomstick twists?” If so, you’d better read this fast and find out what you’re really doing to your spine (and discover what to do instead)
  • Abdominal exercises almost everyone is still doing which could destroy your back and cause major muscular dysfunctions (You MUST stop doing them unless you want that head-forward, back-hunched, butt-out, stomach-bulging look)
  • 125 photographs demonstrating proper form for 42 gut-busting exercises – with multiple photo sequences for each so you can see the exact body positioning, form and technique (bad form on abdominal exercises causes many injuries. That’s why you need to see this, not just read about it)
  • Why proper abdominal training can rid you of back pain forever and improper abdominal training can actually make your back pain worse than ever
  • The Facts About Machine training: Are you doing a circuit or machine-only training program and not getting the results you want? Read this shocking revelation about those ab machines in your local gym and find out what the health club salespeople won’t tell you!
  • 2 supplements worth taking and why almost all other supplements are a total waste of money!
  • The devastating but often ignored long-term consequence of fat burning pills and stimulant-based energy boosters (you might as well be eating rat poison)… Plus, learn the truth about the new ephedrine free so-called “fat burning pills” that are plastered all over the magazines since ephedrine got yanked off the market!
  • The truth about HOW MANY REPS you need to develop your abs – and why 99% of all exercisers (even advanced bodybuilders and athletes) completely screw this up
  • How often you should train your abs… including the ONLY way you can train your abs every day without overtraining (Not one bodybuilder or athlete in a thousand even suspects the potency of this simple schedule adjustment)
  • Torso Track, Ab slide and Ab wheels – do they live up to the hype?
  • The “Ab Doer” – does it really “DO” anything??
  • The $50 alternative to a $1500 Bowflex
  • The 15 most important nutrition secrets for losing fat so you can see your abs as quickly as possible - The exercises in my program WILL give you a great set of abs… but if your abs stay covered up with a thick layer of whale-like blubber, you’ll never see them!

…And believe me when I say this was just a preview! This course is PACKED with unusual, little known info that’s laid out in practical, take-it-with-you to-the-gym-and-use-it -today format! This ain’t the same old stuff you see in the magazines every month.

get Firm and Flatten Your Abs today

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Rob Coopers Fat burning tips In 1990 Rob weighed 475 pounds and was able to burn almost 300 lbs of fat in just two and a half years. Rob does weight management coaching from his office in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Rob's diet is based on a "System Specific Organic Whole Food" line of foods along with various fat burning, muscle building tips from Tom Venuto. Tom's Philosophy is very similar to Rob's and he's happy to recommend them

Rob is currently using the Seven Minute Muscle Workout program.


At 3:19 PM, Anonymous How to Get Washboard Abs said...

This is so true. Getting six pack abs is really about doing crunches, but about strengtning you body and eating more often and more healtier.


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