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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Navy Seals Energy Patch - Secret Fat Burning Weapon

I have been evaluating a very interesting tool for the past few weeks now and I’m glad to share the information.

I was going to keep it a secret until I gave it my due diligence which I thought would be longer than this, but alas, I’ve gotten results quite quickly and thought I should share.

www.cellularpatch.com is the place to go have a look.

It’s an invention created for the Navy Seals to improve their performance and stamina without the use of drugs, herbs or stimulants. The technology is designed to boost your bodies own performance by means of an organic, non transdermal patch worn on your acupuncture points. You place these patches on your meridian points and it tells your body to burn fat for energy.

Nothing enters the body.

No stimulants, no drugs, no nothing. The nanotechnology just “talks” to your body and tells it to work more efficiently.

Its been about two weeks and I’ve committed to trying it for 4 months, so we’ll see where it goes.

Lots of athletes use these things already.

If you’re interested in a safe, natural way to boost performance, go check out www.cellularpatch.com

I've noticed an increase in thermogenesis, a cleansing response, a higher level of alertness late into the evening and some huge strength gains in the gym.

They even have patches to help you get a deeper sleep and wake up more refreshed.

Something else they have is Okalani water. A mixture to add to normal water that changes the viscosity of it, so it will enter the cell better and hence, hydrate the body better. A better hydrated body has increased energy and a better ability to clean itself as well. I haven't tried it yet, but I look forward to it when my order arrives.

Listen, I'm very heavily into self improvement and I like to evaluate any tools and information that help me perform better. I was interested in the concept presented, I liked the technology and I like the fact that nothing enters the body. It's very cool, very safe and I'm giving it a good evaluation. I recommend you do too!


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