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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sunday – Day of Rest and Travel

I had to get up early today to travel to Vancouver so no cardio. Sunday afternoons are my new Yoga day, but with the travel to Vancouver, I will not get in my yoga but that is fine.

My goals for this upcoming week are simply to be able to keep my training going while I’m out of the city.

The plan is to do some runs in Kitsilano along the beach heading towards the Vancouver Yacht Club starting at the Kitsilano pool.

I’ve also recently purchased a body weight exercise program for the sole purpose of being able to keep exercising while I’m traveling. The program comes with DVD’s, a training book and a fat loss teleseminar which I will be listening to in the upcoming days. Its always good to know more about something that might work. More tools for the toolbox I say.

I’m taking my new laptop on this trip and will be getting in some more work on my new book as well as writing a few new articles.

My first article I wrote and semi published is over at Article Dashboard entitled "Is Eating Right All The Time Causing You Stress?" .. or at least it’s the first one published that shows up on google right now lol.

In case I have not said so in previous posts, I’ve taken on a personal coach. I firmly believe in Constant And Never-ending Improvement (CANI), an approach I learned from Tony Robbins and along with a money management system I learned from my mentor T. Harv Eker, I’m alotting a percentage of my income towards personal growth and development courses and educational material. This includes new fitness programs, materials and personal development courses. In so doing, I decided on getting a personal coach. Now I have a personal trainer and a personal coach, both which help guide me and keep me accountable and also help train me. I can let go of the need to develop my own fitness programs if my trainer does them for me, I just put in the work. I can also let go of the need to figure out any new systems for being more successful as my personal coach can now do that for me.. again, I just put in the work and follow the system. It’s a no brainer.

In keeping with the article writing, I see myself growing and growing as a writer and It’ll be fun to watch the progress in my writing and in my knowledge of articles and how they can help reach more people and in turn, change more lives.

As I write more content for my new book (to be available by January), I’ll be writing more articles as well, so look for them out there in cyber world.

Tomorrow will be my first run in Vancouver and I look forward to it.

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