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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Reiki and Massage for my day off

People who know me who’ve been to my website keep telling me “Rob, you really need to update your website because none of the pictures look like you”.

I’m not sure you as a reader can truly get a vision for who I am and that’s not a bad thing necessarily.

My story is short and to the point:

I once weighed 500 pounds. Now I don’t. I made a decision to do something about my health and began to learn and apply that knowledge. I took action and I continue to do so. I exercise daily, I eat well, I nourish my body with Sunrider Whole Foods and I am open to all sorts of things.

I’m now a big guy.

I’m 6 foot 2 inches, 240 pounds and 10% body fat or around there.

I do cardio almost every morning right now and weight train five times a week.

I’m a bodybuilder.

I used to meditate for 20 minutes twice a day, now I don’t.

I do Yoga because it makes me stronger, more flexible, and tones my muscles and because there are some very good looking women doing Yoga.

I was vegetarian for 12 years and of that, two years was vegan and as of the past 3 years, I eat meat.

I’m open to having a day of vegetarian meals, it’s not a big deal.

I listen to Ozzy Osbourne, Nickelback, and ACDC

I also like Lorenna McKennit and Van Morrison and Classical Music

I’m pretty open to a lot of things, including massage and Reiki

So today being Wed, it’s my normal day off from weight training. I may or may not do cardio in the morning, but if I do, it’s a light day of walking as I want to help myself recover from my leg workout the previous day. Yesterday would have normally been a leg day for me, but as I’m traveling, it just didn’t happen.

I am however able to get in some Reiki today. I have a friend whom I’m visiting who gets Reiki done on a regular basis and I thought I’d make the most of the opportunity and get some done for the first time in my life.

It was a good experience.

As I mentioned over the past two days, I’ve been experiencing some shoulder and neck pain supposedly from my run, but I also know that the body holds energy and can block energy flow based on events, emotions and injuries. I believe that it was not the run per se, but rather some emotions from the previous day and morning that caused the pain in my neck.

After talking with the Master Reiki dude, I was able to open up about some stuff and get through it. I was very aware of how the emotions could affect my physiology but hadn’t thought about it until we had talked.

Then I got up on the table and spent about a half hour having Reiki done.

Went for a later afternoon lunch at a vegetarian chinese restauraunt in the neighbourhood and then went for massage. I was introduced to an amazing little chinese health studio in Vancouver and there's this little woman named "Gin" who is a traditional chinese doctor who now does massage. She's amazing, and very intuitive. She worked on my back and shoulders for me and I always leave feeling like all my organs have had their energy increased. I love it. Gin wants me there at least once a week and I'm happy to oblige.

It was a wonderful off day. No Yoga I'm dissapointed to say, but the Reiki and massage really made up for it.

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At 2:37 PM, Anonymous Leslie Michelle said...

Thank You, I was watching the Oprah Show, {How funny} i wanted to research Reiki and any weight Loss connections. I am a Yogi, in a crazy situation with Family. I need extra motivation now, then i did in College and when i was on my own. My family eating habits vary; but are not healthy. They all range in different sizes, so i see it depends on the activities, meal count, and portions. I am doing average, but i have to up my will power and energy as a Certified Yogi and in Holistic Med. The challenge is like a mountain in my family house. I was away for 10 years in school, so now; i am like a free intern, i study and become in their trap limited reality. I am not even in control of my groceries so that is worse. I recently watched the movie; The Pursuit of Happyness, i am that intern. However; Thanks for your blog, it helps now. My pound goal seem easy to achieve, its 40 pounds to lose.

Leslie of Detroit, MI


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