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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Random Acts of Fitness – Cross Training Extreme

I read a very interesting article in “Conscious Choice” about Random Acts of Fitness the other day and it really spoke to me. My trainer is all about periodization, or changing up of your fitness routine every 6 weeks. It seems the body adapts to a training program every 6 weeks, so a person should change it up at least that often if not more. The article goes into how a person should just do random acts of fitness, which I’ve always know about as cross training of sorts. Random Acts of fitness would be akin to cross training to the extreme, but instead of just cross training for your sport, cross train for your body.. do everything and anything fitness related and just mix it up and do random.

Very interesting article.

I find that my fitness routines outside of the gym are pretty much the same. I climb mountains in the summer,

I run

I run stairs

I weight train and my trainer changes it up every 6 weeks

I do yoga

I’m now throwing in some body weight exercises

I do core training AND I do specific abdominal training and even those I mix up and do kinda random.

I want to do some kayaking, but I’m just finding it difficult to get started. My goal is to do white-water kayaking when I move to Vancouver.

But then I have to ask myself, “self, am I really doing random stuff”. I stick to the basics as you see above, but is it really random or not? I run the same trails and throw in the same sets of stairs at the same places. What I liked about the fitness bootcamp routines that I was doing was that someone else was in charge of the route and the intervals. They were in charge of mixing it up and if I have to pay to get pushed outside my comfort zone and for their job of mixing things up, then fine, I’ll pay for it. Same reason I pay for my personal trainer as it’s her job to not only know what my body needs, but to create the programs for me, to change them and to see the long term picture for my body. It takes the stress off me of having to figure that all out and I can be more productive in the other things that I do. I can maximize my time and make it more efficient.

from the article:


Every sport or physical activity can include a surprise element to better build muscles and encourage coordination. A random setting on a computerized exercise machine is one option. Here are some others:

- Weights: If your usual routine is this order: bench press, shoulder lateral raise, biceps curls and triceps extensions, then try this order: Shoulder lateral raise, bench press, triceps extensions, biceps curls.

- Add push-ups when you can get a short break on days you’re not lifting weights.

- Aerobic machines: If you typically use the bike or treadmill, use the rower once a week. It works the legs and core much more than you might think.

- Swimming: Add sprints or tempo work once a week. A swim coach can help with specific sequences.

- Running: Run hills or run at a faster pace once per week. One possible interval routine is a 10-minute warm-up, then four to six three-minute moderately paced runs at 25 percent higher heart rate with one to two minutes of rest between each run. Finish with a five-minute cool down.

Source: http://www.consciouschoice.com/2005/cc1809/wh_condor1809.html

So here’s what happened this morning and the reason for this bit about Random Acts of Fitness

I went for a run with a partner on Kitsilano beach from the Kits pool west towards the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. Now yesterday I went for a run by myself, but it was on the sidewalk alongside traffic and this time it was on the beach while the tide was out. My running partner does this route quite a bit and wanted me to experience it.

We were running amongst the seaweed, the wet sand, the rocks both large and small and jumping over rocks.

It was not a full out run, but rather a jog with a very critical need for being aware and staying present. We had to stay present so that each foot was placed exactly right, with good traction and at the same time looking for a good route for the rest of the run.

I think it was this need to stay present the whole time that made the time just slip away. I was more aware of myself and what was directly in front of me rather than having time to think about anything else.

It was a very good experience and I’d be able to say probably my best run I’ve ever done. Mostly due to having to stay so present the whole time.

We finished up the run back at Kits pool with a few sets of stairs and then the same run / sprint up the hill to 4th ave

My neck is still bothering me but I’m using some essential oils on it. Tomorrow is my Reiki appointment and then massage. I’ve never had Reiki done, but I know about it and I’m really looking forward to it. Tomorrow will be a day off for me.

Diet has been very good. Eating a lot lighter, more greens, a lot of brown rice and some very spicy foods.

No training again today, just got too busy with other things and was not able to get that in. I may have to devise a way to do either / or when I’m traveling. Either cardio OR weight training and then do them in the morning so they’re done and out of the way.

I ordered this Chisel Your Abs System today and am looking forward to receiving the DVD’s shortly. I love the fact that the system was designed by Clark and that he supplies the visual portion along with the written book on the subject. I believe this type of program will require the visual aspect from now on. People just need to be able to see what’s going on rather than just seeing a picture and an explanation in a book. The written material on fat loss and motivation are great too, and this round table audio is a great listen.

Get your copy of Chisel Your Abs System as soon as possible.

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