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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My Chest is Too Big and My Back and Delts Need Work

back exerciseMet with my trainer today. She’s also plays a bit part as my stylist (fashion consultant) and we went shopping for new clothes for my 20 year high school reunion.

She was quick to ask if I was doing shrugs, to which I quickly looked at her and replied “NO”.

I was forbidden to do any ab work and any shrugs as my traps are too big in comparison to the rest of my body. I most certainly do not do shrugs. My ab work is based on core conditioning only.. at least that’s what I tell her. I do a tiny bit of specific upper and lower ab work, but don’t tell her that… and it’s only after I did all my core work.

Have a look at Chisel Your Abs System for a complete fat loss and abdominal training program.

Anyway, my trainer noticed that my chest is too big, my traps are the same size if not larger and that I need work on my inner back, my lower back and my medial deltoids.

It was fun having her pick out clothes for me because she would put the kybosh on anything that did not present my shoulders or physique well. She explained that certain lines across the chest on some shirts made my shoulders look smaller and didn’t truly present what I had.. cool. I’ll listen to her.

Anyway, after shopping, went home to eat my pre-workout meal, then did my leg routine.

The guy next to me was doing front squats on the smith machine with 115lbs per side and needed a spot for the hooks.

Then he watched me doing my warmup squat routine with 10 pounds a side but 3 sets of 80 reps in a very particular manner. He said he was getting dizzy just watching me. Oh, and I have better legs than him… so there!

It’s fun watching people look at what I do and wondering what the hell I’m doing.. then after a few months, I see others begin to replicate what I was doing back then and realize that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Warning: myself and my trainer both warn that just watching a new routine and then trying to duplicate it without knowing why it’s being done, or the form involved could lead to injury or taking your body out of balance. What my trainer has me do is based on previous months of other work and what she has in mind for me in the upcoming months.

Get a trainer. If you’re looking for an Edmonton area Trainer, I recommend my mine.

I’m really looking forward to a new routine that is focusing on medial delts and inner back. Very cool. I have 3 weeks left on my current program and then I switch it up again.

Tomorrow (Wed) is my traditional off day.. light 45 minute walk in the morning and some Yoga in the evening, just to help with recovery of my legs.

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