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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Kitsilano Low Tide Beach Run in Vancouver Revisited

I ran the beach during low tide from Kitsilano pool to the Vancouver Yacht Club on Tuesday with my running partner who does this run all the time.

I made mention about how awesome it was and that I really had to stay present during the run which seemed to make it even that much better for me.

I’m told that a lot of runners like the meditative quality of running and how they can zone out and just run and run.

Well first of all, I have to make a qualified effort to even go for a run. I’m new at it and just began last fall during my fitness boot camp program in Edmonton. I ran three times a week for about 6 weeks, then a few more weeks after that until the snow flew.

This summer, I had to force myself out of the door to go do it, began a couple of the boot camps, but due to my fathers death and traveling during the summer, only got in a few runs.

This particular run however was absolutely fantastic. I think I have finally found the specific ingredient that I need to enjoy running. The simple act of staying present, of being aware of my four foot space around me at all times and having to stay present during the run.

Let me paint the picture for you: Low tide, some sand, some rocks both big and small, logs and seaweed. Having to be very aware of where I’m placing my feet, what I’m jumping over and where I’m landing. Planning the route through the rocks and sand slows me down just slightly, but at the same time keeps me very present.

I love it.

I’m moving to Vancouver and my plans are to run the beach at low tide and do the grouse grind three times a week for cardio. Mix in some whitewater kayaking for upper body cardio and I think I’ve got it covered.

The run down to the Yacht club and back to the pool takes about 30 minutes. I add in a couple of sets of stairs at the “showboat” and then do a sprint up the hill to 4th ave.

If you live in Vancouver, check it out.

No training again tonight, spent the afternoon working and then decided to just stay home my last night here and build some IKEA stuff for a friend.

An interesting note about my back and shoulders. After having my massage yesterday, I feel like I had the most intense back workout even though I didn't. Gin did so much work on my lats and rhomboids that I just
feel like I've had an intense back workout. She's amazing.

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At 10:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just camp across your site while looking for a fat camp for adults.

I live in Vancouver, only a 20 - 30 minute drive from Kits, I'm going to try the run at low tide.

ps. I must say its a little intimidating to read how successful your weight turned out...congrats.

At 10:45 PM, Anonymous Scott said...

I'm a fat guy that started running 2 months ago. I had become a very good biker, and then my bike was stolen. So this year, I decided to run. Who steals running shoes? I'm finding my sweet spot to enjoyment has come from pacing myself, not worrying about how fast I run. Because I had biked, I was able to figure out a method how to build up to running, and after a month, if I *had* to I could do 4 miles nonstop. But I can be slow. My biggest problem at first was breath, then it was my body getting sore, now my legs can't get oxygen fast enough after awhile, and they hurt after about 2 miles. But it started becoming fun for me about 2 weeks ago. I try to go 5 days a week, but I live in a great location to do so. I always say Fat guys shouldn't run, which is why I got to get thin!


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