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Monday, September 12, 2005

I Know You Want Chiseled Abs - Who Doesnt?

Dear Reader,

I know you want "awesome abs". Let's face it, who doesn't?

There is no doubt that one of the very best ways to achieve any specific goal is to find someone who has already achieved what you want, and then model their actions.

Logically, if you do the same as them, then you too will achieve the same results.

What's amazing is this: what if you could have them without ever leaving your home? I'm not talking about "sit-ups" or endless hours of crunches, either...I'm talking about


No gym.

Do you have a couch? A chair? A FLOOR? Then you're set...all you need is the coaching and the system.

Below you'll find a link to a Clark Bartram website you may have seen before, but you haven't seen his new e-book, "10 Miracle Midsection Moves". That I can guarantee you. Why? Because it just came out last week, and I'm letting you in on this promotion that's good for ONLY 72 HOURS.

This book is included in his award-winning DVD series, "Chisel Your Abs," along with $279 in free bonuses. -

Listen, Clark has one of the best set of abs you will ever see. (You will probably already have seen Clark's physique, he has been on the cover of hundreds of fitness mags.) He built them primarily on the ROAD, as he travels all the time. His e-book has pictures of him at home, in hotel rooms...you name it!

He's doing exercises that you've never heard of before that take MINUTES instead of hours...and wait until you see the results for yourself.

So, if you're serious about wanting to know exactly how to achieve a real head turning "six pack" then drop what you're doing now and take a look at this:

Chisel Your Abs DVD Special

Get chiseled abs...right in your own home!

Rob Cooper

P.S. You know as well as I do that there is a lot of garbage promoted online, that's why when you have the opportunity to get hold of top class fitness information then you should. And I can personally assure you that Clark's "Chisel Your Abs Success System!" is right up there with the very best information you'll find anywhere.

I strongly urge you to c.heck it out now:

Chisel Your Abs DVD Abdominal Coaching System

P.P.S. There is also a ton of nutrition advice and some in-the-gym workouts, all with full color illustrations.
Hard-core to beginner, this book will save you years of wasted effort. I tried one of the moves...in 3 minutes my abs were trained and I went on to dinner!

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Rob Coopers Fat burning tips In 1990 Rob weighed 475 pounds and was able to burn almost 300 lbs of fat in just two and a half years. Rob does weight management coaching from his office in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Rob's diet is based on a "System Specific Organic Whole Food" line of foods along with various fat burning, muscle building tips from Tom Venuto. Tom's Philosophy is very similar to Rob's and he's happy to recommend them

Rob is currently using the Seven Minute Muscle Workout program.


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