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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

How to train Legs and Live to Tell About It

First of all, lets go over what I learned from my last Leg day. I learned that running along with running stairs and then doing a full, highly intense leg workout the same day will results in injury and require a huge amount of recovery time.

Ok, done deal.. I’ve got it.

Second, cardio helps move the lymph system, oxygenate the blood and speed the recovery process. Ok.. so even though I’m in pain, I should still do some light cardio just to move the lymph and speed healing.

Ok, got it.

Third: Yoga / stretching helps in the recovery process and allows for some active downtime. Yoga calms the mind and gives me a time out of sorts from all the activity. Plus, lots of really good looking girls do Yoga.

Ok, got it.

Today was Leg training day again. As I mentioned before, I’ve planned my five day split routine so that it allows for two days off but they’re not in a row and one falls immediately after my leg day. I did my morning cardio on the ArcTrainer for 45 minutes and then did my Leg workout this evening.

My leg workout is pretty intense. I was talking to a buddy in the gym tonight during my workout and I said “my legs hurt” to which he responded “I can see why, I was watching you”. My workouts always seem to draw attention because of the way my trainer here in Edmonton has designed them. She’s really into periodization which means to change things up and use multiple ways to load the muscles. A program lasts for about six weeks and then it changes. It can change in so many ways including movements, weights, sets, range of motion, plyometrics, isometrics and then whether it’s for endurance or for strength. The muscles keep guessing and they keep growing to adapt. She’s an amazing trainer and I highly recommend her if you’re here in Edmonton. Tell her I sent you, you’ll get a good rate.

Here’s an idea of what my leg workout is like.

Warmup with 3 sets of turning squats with an Olympic bar (45 pounds). Each turn takes 8 squats and with 10 reps of each turn that equals 80 squats in different planes for a set. Multiply that by 3 sets equals 240 squats to warm up.

Then I do this thing where I jump onto a bosu into a squat and then jump back. I do this in three planes which means 1. the front jump.. from the front, I jump onto the bosu, then 2. left side jump… from the left side, jump left onto the bosu into a squat then 3. right side jump onto the bosu. All for 10 reps. So… 10 reps x 3 directions equals 30 reps. Do this 3 times.

Then lunges on the bosu to finish things up.

Then Russian Twists for “specific core” training and that finishes up Leg day.

Don’t Try This At Home!


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