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Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday Night Chest Workout – Better than Sex

Well not necessesarily better than sex, but a great way to spend a Friday night here in good ‘ol Edmonton.

OK, totally not better than sex, in fact my pushups suck!

I am willing to admit that my ability to do mass pushups sucks the big one. My warm-up set it to do 3 sets of 30 pushups using the exercise ball and be balanced on my shins and feet.

I can do the first set just fine.

Then the second set I have to drop to 20 rest a bit then do 10 more.

The final set just plain sucks. I do what I can, rest for 5 or 10 seconds and do a few more.

Every other exercise in my chest routine gains ground, and I increase the weights and get stronger, except for these fricken pushups.

I’ve talked with my trainer about this and she says that there are a lot of muscles involved in the movement and that any one weak part in the system and I may not be able to progress at the speed I want because of it. I need to focus on all the little parts that make up the complete package and then the pushups will get stronger too.

That pretty much sums it up. Every other chest exercise has been great at making progress except for any basic press like bench press or pushups. It’s embarrassing. In fact, I go away to a special room and do my ball pushups in private. Agghhhhhh..

Morning Cardio

This morning was my normal Cybex ArcTrainer 45 minute workout which went awesome.


Today was the second of two re-feed days. It’s been a challenge to get the larger meals in today. I realize that in order to get in five or six large meals totaling 4000 calories, I have to get up pretty early, crank up the metabolism as soon as possible and simply to have the time alone to eat the food.

Tomorrow I’m back to my calorie deficit program with carb weaning and I believe my back workout. Coolness.

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