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Monday, September 05, 2005

Couldn’t walk from last week’s leg workout, so I did it again.

I have not written anything for about a week. Training has been sporadic, all doubles when I did get into the gym, but a lot of off days to recover as well.

I had to recover from my leg workout and it took me at least 4 days (see My Trainer Killed My Legs post).

As I had described before, I took a lot of time off over the past two months doing some traveling. I got in a lot of walks and some upper body workouts while in Vancouver, but didn’t do any lower body stuff. Any lower body workouts were all from mountain climbing and that was it. Nothing weight bearing, and the time off really did my legs good.

But… getting back into it now, I went full steam. I felt really good during the workout, but the morning run with stair running (first run in two months too) followed by a very intense leg workout that evening finally did them in.

The pain started the next day and then by the second day, couldn’t get out of bed and walking was a chore.

Why the hell do I do this?

Because girls like guys with great legs. That’s why. It’s no different the other way around either, consider all the work Jessica Simpson did on her legs doing lunges for her role as Daisy Duke in the Dukes of Hazard! Besides, I’m a guy and I like training legs. A lot of days I have to talk myself into it, and work up to it and commit to it, but I do it and I like the payoff… really I do.

Anyway, I took a couple of days off from morning cardio, took a couple days off from training and then did some more upper body things.

Got in some Yoga on Sunday afternoon and then was back at it on Monday again, doing doubles and working hard. It’s really good to be back at it after such a long layoff.

So here’s my new routine that I’ve decided on:

My program is a 5 day split (I referred to it as a 4 day split before, but I was mistaken, it’s a 5 day split).

Morning Cardio:

My plan is to do morning cardio as always, with at least one run with stairs per week. The rest will cycle between that killer Cybex ArcTrainer that I spoke about on an earlier post and the wimpy little elliptical trainer. I’m feeling that by doing the ArcTrainer every day, I might be overtraining so I’ll see. I might cycle two ArcTrainer days followed by one elliptical as an active rest day.. lol, I’m considering doing 45 mins of the elliptical at max resistance being an active rest day.. lol… Hey, once you’ve been on the ArcTrainer, anything else is easy. All cardio is now 45 minutes. I got bored with doing the full hour. Maybe I’ll got back to that, we’ll see.

Afternoon Weight Training

Weight training will be in the afternoon about two meal later, followed by a post workout meal and then my remaining 2 or 3 meals

I’ll be training on Mon, Tue, Wed off, Thur, Fri and Sat, Sunday off. Cardio every day.

Yoga off days

I’ll be doing Yoga on my off days. Yoga’s cool man. The instructors I’ve worked with are all killer lean and really well built (check out Eoin from Vancouveryoga.com). I want to learn all I can about how Yoga can improve my physique so I’ll be doing it regularly from now on.

Yoga days will be Wed evenings at lion’s breath with Jennifer Steed here in Edmonton, while Sunday afternoons will be at my club which offers free Yoga classes. While in Vancouver, I'll be doing Yoga with Eoin at Vancouver Yoga (www.vancouveryoga.com)

The Wed Yoga day is the first day after my leg workout, so I’ll use it to just take it easy and help recovery. Morning cardio on Wed will be a light walk for 30 to 45 minutes in the morning. Do some deep breathing and take a long some educational material on my mp3 device so I can educate myself while I walk.

So to Summarize:

Mon - Morning Cardio / Afternoon Training
Tue - Morning Cardio / Afternoon Training (planned Leg day)
Wed - Morning walk / Evening Yoga
Thur - Morning Cardio / Afternoon Training
Fri - Morning Cardio / Afternoon Training
Sat - Morning Cardio / Afternoon Training
Sun - lighter cardio / Afternoon Yoga


I got off my program of eating for quite awhile due to traveling and just interest. I was just winging it and I realize now that I was grossly undereating. I was not taking in enough calories to support me and I was showing a lot of signs of starvation. Ahh. The trouble with being so muscular.

So, I’m about 4 weeks out to my 20 year high school reunion and have some work to do.

Lets get back to work.

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