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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Arm Day – Bicep and Triceps workout

First of all, I must say that I’m noticing that I’m getting much leaner. I’m beginning to be more vascular in my shoulders, my forearms and my legs and I’m really liking it.

Today was a double – began with morning cardio on the Cybex ArcTrainer, but only for 30 minutes. I just didn’t have the time to begin with as I slept in, but I did not want to create a habit where I could just take a work day off. That is not the habit I’m trying to create. My habit is to do the cardio first thing in the morning regardless of anything else.

It must be done, so at least I did 30 minutes.

Today I trained arms.

Started with bicep curls, doing 21’s with 7 bottom half, 7 full curl and 7 top half dumbbell curls while sitting on an exercise ball to work core while I did the curls.

To date, I’ve seen no one else do this movement, but I have begun to see people copying other moves I do in the gym.

Following my first bicep exercise, I moved on to tricep 21’s. Same thing, top, full and bottom except I was rolled out on the exercise ball doing a plank with my shoulders on the ball while I did the extensions.

Then I did some heavy hammer curls followed by some pushdowns.

Followed up with some planks for core and then some low cable wood chops for obliques (more core).

Today was also a re-feed day for me diet wise. Have to consume some high end calories and lots and lots of carbs. It’s quite the challenge to get all that food in, but the result is worth it. Eat more food and burn fat. It may seem tough at first to get your head around that but it works. More food to a point of course… I’m still in a calorie deficit 3 days a week, then two days of re-feeding.

All based on Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.

Read, learn and apply.

Tomorrow is chest day.

Me With Green Hair

Today’s picture is what I would look like with hair. We found a little shop on Vancouver Island and they had a bunch of novelty hair. I really liked this green punk style look, but they only had the sample of the hair and I couldn’t find a packaged version. Had to come home empty handed… er, empty haired.

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