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Sunday, September 18, 2005

19 Days and 10 Pounds of Fat to Burn

There’s 19 days until my 20 year high school reunion and I figure I can burn 10 pounds of fat in that time.

I’ve been very uncommitted to my goal to say the least. I’ve gone through phases over the past few months and have been adapting to a lot of change and travel. I’m ok with it. I am a day short of 20 days away from my goal date and I’ve come a long way. I can do a lot of work in this short period of time and can burn a lot of fat.

Time to get to work again.

It never ends, and as I teach, so I do.

I have the tools, I have the knowledge about what to do, and I just need the time and the application to make it all work. Twenty days is short, but I can still do a lot in that time frame. Then I have to make a decision about where I want to go after that.

I have said for the past eight or ten months that once I reach my goal, or get to my reunion that I’d switch gears and go into weight gain mode for a few months.

I still believe that is what I’ll do.

My plan is this: spend the next 20 days following the burn the fat program, do a daily cardio and daily weight training like I’ve laid out in posts over the past few weeks, then switch to a mass building program based on the Optimum Anabolics program by Jeff Anderson, the Muscle Nerd.

I’ll have my trainer put together the workouts

I’ll cut back to 3 days of 20 minute cardio sessions HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

continue to do yoga.

Follow this until December 31st to add some muscle which by it’s very nature will decrease my body fat, then go on a cutting program for six weeks until my February cruise in the Caribbean.

Yep, sounds good.

Besides, I like to eat. That’s the very reason I train so hard. The fall always seems to bring a sense of needing to eat more, so I’m going to work with nature and follow my yearly instincts of training hard and eating well.

My cardio this morning was 45 minutes on the Cybex ArcTrainer followed by an afternoon back workout. The check in girl said "you’re back again?" . Yep. It was an awesome workout. I missed my Saturday afternoon workout, so I decided to forgo an extra day off and do my missed workout.

Time well spent. My lats and lower back are killing me!

and "Yep, I'll be back again tomorrow!"

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