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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday Cardio and Yoga - Words to Live by!

It’s Sunday and I was able to get in a single plus Yoga today.

Did my morning 45 minutes of cardio on the Cybex ArcTrainer and then did an hour and a half of Yoga with cole this afternoon at my club. Free Yoga.. Yay!.

I have nowhere near recovered from my leg workout yesterday.. my legs are in pain man! Any movement hurts and I thought Yoga would help pretty soon, but it didn't. It was a pretty tame Yoga class.

Here’s the deal. My ultimate, best yoga teacher, instructor for years now who’s lived in Calgary has now moved to Edmonton and is 8 fricken blocks away from me. She teaches at a studio only 2 blocks from me. Is that a sign or what? So my commitment has been to do two yoga sessions a week and the plan is to do one with Jennifer Steed, the ultimate, bestest and most incredible Yoga instructor in the world on Wed nights and then do a free session with Cole at my club on Sundays.

This gives me Mon and Tue as training days, Wed off, Thur, Friday and Saturday as training days and then Sunday either off or a triple (morning cardio, afternoon yoga and evening training) depending on my mood and circumstance.

Sounds good to me.

Tomorrow morning (Monday) will be a run by myself but with bootcamp in mind. I’ll run down to the stairs, do a couple of sets, the run across the LRT bridge to the Kinsmen Field House where I can do some pull-ups or pushups at the jungle gym. Then run back to the stairs and do a couple more sets before running home. Intend to spend about an hour or little more for this jaunt.

Then afternoon training…. Arms.. yay.. love arms, then evening cardio again if I’m in the mood or have the energy for it.

Today's photo is from July. I had just finished a personal development camp called Enlightened Warrior Training when we were all heading into the local town for brunch. I took this self portrait while driving the van.

Me, Self Portrait July 2005

I've been really thinking a lot about the West Coast Trail lately. I have been thinking a lot about getting away by myself for a week or so on some sort of hiking trip either her in Alberta (Jasper trails) or the West Coast Trail. It seems to be calling me. I'm really craving a good week long get away. My step daughter and I are planning at least a 3 day weekend hiking trip (her first) but I'd like to do more.

Oh... it's sooooooo calling me right now.

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At 9:48 PM, Blogger Marj said...

Hi Rob,
Just came across your blog while doing a search on "cardio + yoga". I have been working out on and off for the last 5 years, and this time around I'm making good progress, but I'm looking for something to do on my off days. You mentioned the best yoga instructor in the world is in Edmonton. May I ask who she is/where the studio is?

I also understand you do weight management coaching. What kind of services do you offer?


At 9:32 AM, Anonymous Rob said...

Just got off the phone with her because I know she switched studios. Her name is Jennifer Steed and she is not only a yoga instructor in Edmonton, but she is also a yoga instructor teacher, so she knows her stuff.

her studio is at Prana Yoga Studio. I just had a look at the Yoga teachers there and found out that Cole is an instructor too. I have never done a class with him,but I know he used to teach at my fitness club and had a large following. Mostly women it seemed because he's a pretty good looking guy I guess.

As for weight loss coaching, I don't really do that anymore. I only coach my Sunrider clients. It's just a matter of time is all. My Sunrider clients who order on a monthly basis get ongoing coaching and support. Otherwise, I've ended my online coaching.

At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Rob said...

Oh, Prana Yoga Studio is in the west end. If it's just too far, there is another good one that I used to go to called Lions Breath Yoga which is on 124st just north of Ascendant book store, at about 103 ave? on the west side of the street


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