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Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday - My First Day of Rest With Yoga

Got in to do a double two days in a row now and I’m feeling guilty because I didn’t get in that third gym time (the second session of cardio). I really need to let go of that because I am getting in at least one cardio session and one weigh training session per day. Geesh..

Today is an off day. Just Yoga. Did not do cardio this morning and I may or may not do my weight training. Probably not. I’m just going to make sure I do the Yoga tonight and then get back onto my doubles for Saturday.

I will say that I am really feeling the effects of that Russian Twist day.. holy crap. My core was not used to that at all. Then yesterday (Thursday), I did shoulders and it was very core intense. I was doing side laterals while in the plank position followed by rotator cuff work.. so a good full minute of weighted side plank.. and that was just the while doing laterals!

No pic today.. just a quick update as to my progress. I’m going to relish this day off.

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