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Monday, August 22, 2005

Day 5 - In The Gym Three Times Today

Today was awesome, did a triple (morning cardio, afternoon weight training and then evening cardio again). As I side note, I wrote an entry back in January talking about the things people don't consider when getting into a fat burning program like burn the fat. You might like to read it and inform yourself.

Turned out I did not get to do boot camp this morning.. shitty deal.. oh well.. but I did get out to do 45 minutes of HIIT cardio on my club’s new machine, the Cybex ArcTrainer. This is one of the most amazing machines I’ve ever been on. The first time I got on it, it scared me… so I’ve continued to use it. It scared me because it was fricken hard. It’s like an elliptical trainer except the movement is more like climbing a mountain and taking steps (and you can adjust your stride for your build), PLUS you can increase the intensity.

After just a few days on this incredible machine and I had to go back to the elliptical for 20 minutes (there was a lineup for the arcTrainer) before getting on it. I threw the elliptical up to the highest setting and did a full 20 mins with no trouble. Funny how everything is relative.

Here's a study done that compares an Eliptical to the ArcTrainer.

One last word on the arcTrainer…. I’ve noticed that when I get off it after 45 minutes that my legs are physically hot to the touch. I’ve read a lot about this machine and it turns out that it takes all stress off the joints in the legs and puts it back on the muscles. So.. the muscles are engaged the whole time you’re on it. Cool. I love it.

One added note: don’t tell anyone about this machine because it will just lead to lineups and we’ll never get on them. After the first three days I told the club they’re going to have to buy more very soon. Ok? so we've got a deal then... we're going to keep this quiet right?

Got into the gym this afternoon early after only my first meal and did my arm workout. I was supposed to do legs, but I chickened out. Well, I didn’t chicken out, but with the amount of effort required and the load on my back and core, I figured I could safely do arms and give my back just the slightest more rest for a day. Have to do legs tomorrow though now.. hmmm.

Came back home, had my post workout meal, then another meal, then my evening cardio and another meal. One more meal to do before I go to bed and then start all over again tomorrow.

I should also have made a note that I have started a new training program. My trainer came up with a 4 day split routine for me and I’ve just begun it. I’ve also got her working on a body weight routine for me when I’m traveling (I think I mentioned that once already).

Split goes like this:

Day 1: Back
Day 2: Shoulders
Day 3: Legs
Day 4: Arms

All core based training. I love it.

Today’s picture is once again from the Sunrider convention in LA. Here Wanda, her daughter “Rosie” and myself are out one evening having a great time listening to music. Notice my S_R Shaker bottle on the table there.? Notice the little piece of tape on the side of it? That’s my goal. I have it written out with a date and pasted right onto my bottle for the whole world to see and to remind me everytime I have a sip of Fortune that my goal is to get lean!

Here’s a blown up section of that picture. The goal reads "6% bodyfat by Oct 1st 2005"

That's it for today. Tomorrow's goal is to do another triple. 3x in the gym. Morning cardio, Training and then cardio again in the evening.

Training Resources:

My trainer here in Edmonton Alberta
Core Based Training Information
Cybex ArcTrainer

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At 2:59 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

What gym are you a member of? I am obsessed with the arc trainer, but since I have moved to Los angeles, i've looked high and low for it and haven't found it anywhere...most gyms here are crappy! anyway. I am waiting anxiously for your answer. I must find this machine! lol.

At 10:19 PM, Anonymous Rob said...

Club fit in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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