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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Chest Day and Russian Twists for Core Strength

It’s been a long day and I’m tired, so I’ll make this post quick.

Today was a double.

Cardio in the late morning, couple of meals and then my evening weight training. Did chest today and it was the first chest workout of my new program. Short and to the point, I liked it. Did Russian twists for my ball work at the end and that was awesome. Found some real weak points from doing that move. Wow.

Did not eat enough today at all. Only had time to eat four meals today, so really shy of my calorie intake requirement. Tomorrows another day and my goal is to make up the calories and for sure the third cardio

I’ve been thinking about my calorie requirements based on how much output I’m doing. My cardio sessions both burn 1100 calories plus my weight training burns another 400 at least and my BMR is 2600 so that’s 5200 calories I need just to maintain my weight. Now, subtract say 500 calories to be in a 10% deficit and that’s 4700 calories to be not starving, but also in fat loss mode.

That’s a lot of food.

As for the Russian Twists, here’s a picture I found and a description of the move

Russian Twists with Stability Ball

1. Rest your upper back, shoulders, and head on a stability ball, with your hips parallel to the floor. Grasp a medicine ball in both hands with your arms straight out above you.

2. Rotate your trunk from the center to the right, back to center, then to the left, so the stability ball rolls beneath you. Do it swiftly enough that you roll onto your shoulder on each side. Don't let your hips drop. Try to keep your chest, hips, and knees in a straight line.

Source: http://outside.away.com/outside/bodywork/200405/core_strength.html

Today’s picture is once again from my trip to Los Angeles and this time it’s a picture of myself, Rosie and John who rented some Segway’s from a little store in Long Beach across from the convention center. We took them out for an hour, had some fun, took all three of them into an elevator (don’t ask) and then got our pictures taken by the Queen Mary.

Here we all are just minutes after finishing our training on how to run these machines. I can summarize it here: Lean forward. Lean Back. Turn handle to turn. The rest is just experience.

Here’s Rosie and I with a cruise ship in the background and the Queen Mary ship as well.

Tomorrows goal: a triple gym day, make sure I eat enough and get some things finalized for an upcoming surprise radio show interview. See Tomorrow’s post:

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