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Friday, August 19, 2005

6 Week Countdown to My 20 Year Reunion

Time To Get Busy

It’s been a long time with no contact. Two months to be exact. To describe the past two months here would be very time consuming so I’ll give you the coles notes.

Last time I wrote, I had said that I met an amazing woman at “Mind of Steel, Heart of Gold”, a T. Harv Eker personal development course. She was a volunteer as was I. Well, we hit it off (my description, not hers) and after spending that 7 days together, we went on to Volunteer at an Enlghtened Warrior camp two weeks later. I took her out for supper at Morraign Lake Lodge and then we did a road trip into British Columbia with some other volunteers to blow off some steam. We went to a natural hot springs on the side of a river there at White Swan Provincial Park. It was a great time.

Spent the last couple of months with her and in Edmonton doing some work. Time spent in British Columbia involved watching the fireworks competition, a night on the ocean, some time in the Okanogan and a few days on Vancouver Island in Sooke and Tofino.

I have about 6 weeks until my 20 year high school reunion and I’m embarking on a 6 week high intensive exercise program to include double cardio days plus weight training and yoga. I call them triples. 3 times a day in the gym.

Moring cardio, afternoon weight training and then evening cardio again. Yoga twice a week on my days off.

It’s an intensive program. Lots of food and lots of exercise.

Quite a commitment.

Extra laundry, extra food, extra exercise and extra rest.

Not much left for any social activity, but its short term and the results speak for themselves.

My commitment is to post daily to track the next 6 weeks and the results.

Food is based on Sunrider whole foods and Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.

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