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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Post Vegetarian Week and 3% body fat loss

It goes to show you that different people have different perceptions of vegetarianism. I had posted that I was about to spend an entire week as a vegetarian again at a Personal Development camp I was volunteering at. They advertised the food as being completely vegetarian.

well, it turned out to be "oceanarian" as they included fish in their definition of vegetarianism. I was ok with that though. It was fully catered meals and was truely fabulous.

So lets take a moment and define Vegetarianism shall we? Just so there's no confusion.

Vegetarian: eats no animal flesh, just veggies, dairy products and egg also know as lacto-ovo vegetarian (lacto meaning dairy, ovo meaning eggs)

Vegan: no animal products allowed. Veggies, legumes, nuts and seeds only.

oceanarian: veggies and fish.

frutiarian: take a wild guess and you'll probably be right. Just fruit.

very hectic week, lots of sleep deprivation but lots and lots of great people taking charge of their lives.

I met an amazing woman named Sonja from Vancouver. To say the least, we "hit it off". I've now changed my plans of a move to Mexico to a move to Vancouver, lol.

I've only trained two days this week, both bootcamp training days. One was an endurance day which consisted of a 12 K run and then Friday which was a normal run and drills day of which was upper body. Pushups, pullups, stair running along with about 5K of running before and after.

I'm now going to be away again for about two weeks working at another camp, this one is "Enlightened Warrior Training Camp" held just outside of Canmore Alberta. Warrior is also in Califorina and New York, but I can only be in one place at a time, so I'm starting with my own province of Alberta. California will take place in later August and early Sept, so see you out there soon.

I've basically been resting this week, no weight training. Eating a lot less (calorie cutting) as my output has declined drastically. I've noticed that I've gotten much leaner, oh and by the way, I dropped 5 pounds and 3% body fat during the past two weeks.

Having a woman in my life is so calming on me. I calm down, eat less, rest better, my testosterone goes up and I get bigger and leaner and I commit more to my life goals.

I'll post a picture of us once we get one that she's happy with. The current one I have, we were both up for 48 hours with a couple of 2 hour naps so she's not too happy with it.

That's the update for now. Talk to you in two weeks, and a full 2 to 3 % lower body fat.


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At 3:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Oceanarian"? Haha, thats awesome. Not too shabby, eh? Ive tried to be a veggie-tarian, but I am in love with poultry. I dont think I will ever be able to kick it. I found this article called "Want to be a vegetarian? Think Italian" Mmm, sounds good, huh?
I could deal with some vegetarianism Italian style! Give it another week and I bet youll be able to add 5 more definitions to the post! :)


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