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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Power of Positive Habits - Change your life now

Health, Fat Loss, Great relationships, business success and just plain success in life comes from making good positive habits for life. I just stumbled upon this offer, notified my readers about it but wanted to make sure a lot more people saw it asap, so am posting it here too.

I heard from a guy who made two habit changes 6 weeks ago and has dropped 50 pounds since, and another fellow who made one change to his diet, made this one new habit and dropped 6 pounds in a week. First guy is 29 years old the second in his 50's. IT's never too late to start improving your life!

** Please read now, this Special 3 Day Offer expires at Midnight (Friday - March 25th)**

A good friend of mine, Dan Robey, has created an amazing
new e-book and personal development program called "The Power of
Positive Habits." Dan's book is an absolute masterpiece,
and his personal development program is unlike anything
that has ever been published before.

Today Dan is offering you over $1,750 dollars in bonus gifts free
as a special promotion* to launch the new version of "The Power of
Positive Habits."(which includes an e-book, CD audio program and
integrated PC program) I have listed all these amazing bonus
products below, (there are over 40 bonuses including
fantastic e-books, e-courses, audio programs and more!)
but first I want to tell you a little about the program.

In just a few minutes you can learn how to
Re-Program your Mind and Body and reach your goals
Automatically. That is exactly what The Power of Positive
Habits program can do for you.

Imagine being able to:

* Achieve More Success... Automatically
* Improve your Health...Automatically
* Lose Weight ...Automatically (and keep it off Permanently)
* Improve your Relationships...Automatically
* Have Unlimited and Boundless Energy...Automatically
* Be More Motivated...Automatically
* Have "Higher Self-Esteem" Automatically

How is this possible? During 2 years of researching medical studies and journals, Dan discovered a scientific secret that has incredible power to permanently change your Life. "The Power of Positive Habits" program is based on this proven yet unheard of science, called
"Cognitive Re-Structuring." A scientific process that is so simple that anyone,
even a child can do it, yet so powerful, it's effects are "Life Changing" and

This program is changing lives all around the world and is getting a lot of Media Attention, just look at what Best-Selling authors Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy and John Gray had to say about "The Power of Positive Habits,"

"If greater success, improved self-esteem and happiness are your life
destinations, The Power of Positive Habits can take you there!
This is a simple but powerful program that can transform your life."

–Jack Canfield - #1 NY Times Best-selling author of
"Chicken Soup for the Soul"

“Wherever you are in life, your habits determine 95% of your thoughts,
feelings and actions. This program shows you how to develop the lifelong

habits for great success.”

–Brian Tracy, Motivation Expert and Author of “Create Your Own Future"

"Every aspect of our life is determined by our habits, including relationships
with those we love. This book teaches you how to acquire new habits that can
help improve your relationships...automatically!"

-John Gray, Ph.D. #1 NY Times Best-selling author of
“Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”

I highly recommend that you check out this special limited offer and this amazing life changing program. Dan Robey has made permanent weight loss and success so easy that achieving your goal of a Trim and Fit, Healthy body will literally become AUTOMATIC. Time is of the essence. I urge you to look at this now!

Power of Positive Habits Plus Bonus Material

OK...now check out all the cool bonus products worth over
$1,750 Dollars you will receive as a Special Gift as part of this
limited 3 Day offer promotion of "The Power of Positive Habits." I am sure your friends would be thrilled to hear about this
special offer, so don't forget to forward this to them right away.

Bonus #1 .....$19.95 Value

"Influencing People to Win Them Over by Tony
Marino Ph.D."

In this highly sought after investigative series,
Tony reveals for you the scientific's and specifics
of how to win the loyalty, trust, friendship, respect
and admiration of everyone you meet. You will
discover exactly what it takes to ethically and
skillfully influence and inspire others to maximize
your potential in any person-to-person encounter.

Bonus #2 .....$16.95 Value

"Morning Has Been All Night Coming"
- by John Harricharan

A fantastic heartwarming 224 page e-book.” The
bright promise of John Harricharan's award-winning
"When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat"
is now fulfilled by his magnificent sequel, Morning
Has Been All Night Coming. The freshness of
Harricharan's style places him with Richard Bach
and Og Mandino as one of America's leading
inspirational authors.

Bonus #3 .....$97.00 Value

"Think Like The Rich Prosperity Course"
by Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler

Creating prosperity is not rocket science!
Develop the attitudes and thought process required
of the rich... and you WILL become prosperous!
It all starts with the insight provided in your
FREEE copy of this "no bull" $97-value course
by Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler -- internationally acclaimed
advisor to the Pentagon, a Presidential Commission,
and countless millionaires and outrageously successful
top executives. This amazing course will accelerate your
positive success habits like nothing you have ever
experienced before!

Bonus #4 .....$25.90 Value

"Foods that Burn Fat by Tom Venuto"

Turbo charge your fat burning habits with this excellent
e-book by Tom Venuto a leading fitness expert. In this
popular bonus report, you'll learn exactly which foods
"burn fat" and speed up your metabolism - without having
to cut calories drastically (when you eat these foods,
you can actually eat more and still lose fat because
these foods have a higher "thermogenic" effect!)
This report reveals all the juicy details that most champion
bodybuilders and fitness models would rather keep to themselves.

Bonus #5 .....$19.95 Value

"Success: A Spiritual Matter by Rick Beneteau"

Discover how using simple and practical Spiritual practices
can create the Success you have always desired.
Powerful and in-depth interviews with many of todays
most successful entrepreneurs.

Bonus #6 .....Value... Priceless!

"The Love Movie by Danish Ahmed "

This inspirational movie by Danish Ahmed will tug at your
heart strings like nothing you have seen before. Just another
incredible bonus product you will receive for Freee! Once you
see this amazing movie you will want to forward it to all your
friends and relatives!

Bonus #7 .....$29.00 Value

"My Ten Big Fat Mistakes by Jeremy Likness"

“Lose fat, not faith by discovering these 10 common mistakes
that a former obese couch Potato who lost over 60 pounds of
fat made during his weight loss journey. International Health
Coach Jeremy Likness shares with you the secrets to permanent
weight loss success and how You will avoid making these
mistakes in this special e-Report, “10 Fat Mistakes.” The report
that will Have you losing fat in days has a $29 value and is yours
FREEE when you order The Power of Positive Habits today!”

Bonus #8 .....$9.95 Value

"Position Yourself for Success Course"
by Michael Angier "

Position Yourself for Success, a 12-Lesson, 38-page
"Success 101" Course. A self-paced program that gives you the
motivation, strategies and know-how to succeed. Through this
course, you'll learn . . .

* How to create more balance in your life
* How what we focus on expands
* The power of Master Mind groups
* How visualization and affirmation really work
* The Science of Intentional Creation
* How to love what you do and do what you love
and MUCH more.

Bonus #9 .....$695.00 Value

How to Make Your Dreams A Reality NOW!"

A 12-Week Interactive E-Course by Eva Gregory.
How committed are you to making your dreams a reality
today? What would it be worth to you to be on your way to
actualizing your dreams within the next 90 days? This is a
body/mind/spirit 'in the bones' course that can alter
your life if you let it!

Bonus #10 .....$19.95 Value

"How to get 6 Packs Abs by Lee Hayward"

Positive Habits will get you trim and fit and this special
report will give you the secrets to getting 6 pack abs!
Nearly everyone wants great abdominal muscles. It doesn’t
matter if you are a man or a woman, well developed abs
look a lot better then a spare tire. In this report you will
learn where most people make mistakes in trying to develop
great abdominals. We’ll show you how you can avoid making the
same mistakes and once and for all get the
“six pack” abs that you desire.

To get all these bonus products now just go here:
Power of Positive Habits Plus Bonus Material

Bonus #11 .....$19.95 Value

"Napolean Hills 13 Success Secrets by Leslie Fieger"

During the writing of The Power of Positive Habits I was
influenced by the wonderful writings of the legendary author Napolean
Hill. This wonderful e-book by Leslie Fiegerby is the perfect
companion to The Power of Positive Habits, it distills the
13 principles of success in a way that you have never
experienced before.

Bonus #12 .....$19.95 Value

"Learn The Six Ancient Secrets to Deep Meditation"
by Paul Zaiter"

The "Deep Trance Meditation" Secrets Will Help You To
Harness Your Creative Genius, Stimulate Your Intellectual
Abilities, and Attain the Blissful Calm of True Inner Peace.

Bonus #13 .....$15.00 Value

"Core Conditioning by David Grisaffi"
Author of "Firm And Flatten Your Abs"
This special fitness report is loaded with great exercises and
photos that will help you with basic core (abdominal)conditioning It adds fuel to your positive fitness habits.

Bonus #14 .....$9.95 Value

"12 Dirty Habits that Prevent You from Developing

Exceptional people Skills by Pete Grand"

This special report will teach you how to break the dirty habits
that keeps you from having great relationships. Replace your
dirty habits with positive relationship habits.

Bonus #15 .....$19.95 Value

"Get a Life! How to live the life you want Everyday!"

by Jim Allen the "Big Idea coach. Jim is a professional life, career,
and business coach. He partners with people who are ready to stop
struggling through life, taking what comes their way, and
who want to take control and live their perfect lives! Let Jim help
you get a new life with this excellent e-book available for
instant download.

Bonus #16.....$59.00 Value

Self Improvement 101: The 62 Essential Truths about
Improving Your Life -by David Riklan

This powerful 6 Part e-Course covers 62 critical success skills
(1)The Seven Critical Keys to Goal Setting,
(2)The 31 Absolutely Best Resources for Self Improvement, and
(3)How to Immediately Determine Which of the Top 3 Learning
Styles will work best for you.

Bonus #17 .....$97.00 Value

Self-Promotion Secrets of the Super Successful
Tele-Seminar by Warren Whitlock

You've worked hard to build a quality reputation, but most of the
world doesn't even know your name. It's not enough to have a
reputation; people need to know about you. You will easily multiply
your results by learning the 3 Keys to Successful Self-Promotion
used by the well known names on this list and everywhere else.
This seminar gives you the tools you need to improve results in
each of these key areas.

Bonus #18.....$97.00 Value

"10 Tips to live Freee teleclass with John Di Lemme!"

John Di Lemme is all about helping you to realize your true potential.
His message of overcoming adversity to achieve greatness is truly
inspiring, and it will make you want to spring out of bed every
morning to go out and make a difference for yourself and others.
His 2 part teleclass will change your life!

To get all these bonus products now just go here: Power of Positive Habits Plus Bonus Material

Bonus #19 .....$10.95 Value

"10 Day Easy Diet Report by Nuria Weaver"

Spanish reflexologist Nuria Weaver has studied obesity problems in her
clients for the last 25 years. Her studies make fascinating reading and she
reveals breakthrough methods any dieter should not be without. Written
in a simple no-nonsense style, Nuria’s book is a must for anyone wanting

to shed pounds or improve their health generally.

Bonus #20 .....$15.00 Value
"Coaching for an Extraordinary Life"
by Terri Levine

You'll get "Coaching for an Extraordinary Life" by Terri Levine
This is the e-book version of Terri's book. You can buy this in
paperback at amazon.com for $15, you can have this e-version
for Freee.

To get all these bonus products now just go here: Power of Positive Habits Plus Bonus Material

Bonus #21 .....$10.00 Value

“The 10 day energy plan eBook – Jon Gordon"

If you want tons of energy all day long you will want to read
the "10 Day Energy Plan" by Jon Gordon the energy expert.
This is a great companion to the energy habits in
The Power of Positive Habits

Bonus #22 .....$9.00 Value

Live the Life You Have Always Dreamed Of! by Chris Widener

10 Rock-Solid Principles That Will Absolutely, Positively Turn
Your Dreams Into Realities! The secrets of the most successful
people in the world are about to be revealed to you in this e-book!

Bonus #23 .....$39.00 Value

"Special Report - Intuition by John Harricharan"

This report will teach you how to use your own intuition, ESP and
psychic gifts to be able to help you with your business or life. You'll
learn how to become your own psychic and give yourself or your
friend’s psychic readings or psychic guidance.

Bonus #24 .....$97.00 Value

"Living The Ultimate Lifestyle e-book"
by Bob Scheinfeld

In this Session, Bob describes the overall approach to defining and living your own ultimate lifestyle, and guide you through re-examination of your objectives and direction as a business owner. You'll discover new tools for uncovering hidden opportunities as well as unleashing your own hidden, suppressed or mis-directed talents.

To get all these bonus products now just go here: Power of Positive Habits Plus Bonus Material

Bonus #25 .....$47.00 Value

Work Your Life audio seminar by Scott Stratten

A streaming audio version of a "Work Your Life" seminar

by Scott Stratten an expert in Motivation, Work/Life Balance,
Organizational Behavior and Human Resources, Scott has
spoken internationally on a multitude of topics. His most famous
topic is, "Work Your Life: Enjoy Life, Now", which motivates
audiences to stop complaining about the things they can't control
in life, and start getting the most out of the things they CAN control!

Bonus #26 .....$15.00 Value

Starting Your Own Business: An Easy-to-Follow Guide
for the New Entrepreneur e-book
by Joan Sotkin.

Use the 10 Building Blocks for a Successful Business to create
a strong foundation for the business of your dreams. Let Joan
guide you smoothly through the process of choosing, planning and
developing a successful business or professional practice.

Bonus #27 .....$5.95 Value

"Shine with the Aura of Success!"

by Cynthia Sue Larson, author of AURA ADVANTAGE: How the
Colors in Your Aura Can Help You Attain What You Desire and Attract
Success .This empowering booklet describes the ten things
your energy field does for you, explains why some days feel better than
others, and provides tips for making every day the best it can be by
harnessing the power of your bioenergy field, or aura.

Bonus #28 .....$75.00 Value

"The Right Relationship Can Happen E-course"

You Can Attract The Right Relationship
Partner! Are you ready to experience a healthy, happy and loving
relationship? Relationship expert & author Nancy Pina will reveal how to

manifest a healthy, loving and lasting relationship. Get started
on your journey to relationship success today.

Bonus #29 .....$29.00 Value

"Exploring Coaching by Will Craig- A step-by-step guide"

Exploring Coaching - A step-by-step guide to a fulfilling and rewarding
career. If you're just getting started as a life coach or looking for help in
discovering your coaching niche, this is the perfect
handbook. "Exploring Coaching" takes you on an exciting journey
starting with the First 5 Critical Steps. PLUS, 10 dynamic coaches
share their experiences AND their path to becoming successful.

Bonus #30 .....$9.97 Value

"On Being The Creator of Your Destiny e-book by Peggy McColl " This book is written for those who want to take control of their life
and create their ultimate destiny. You can buy the hardcover version of this
book for $21.95, get the eBook version today for Freee!

Bonus #31 .....$15.00 Value

"Beyond Time Management"

You'll get the complete book "Beyond Time Management" by
Robert J. Wright. This is a fantastic 217 page eBook that shows
you how to master time and be more successful, productive and
less stressful.

Bonus #32 .....$12.95 Value

"The 8 Proven Secrets to SMART Success, "

Based on the proven success methods found in the phenomenal
book by Peggy McColl, this workbook is a step-by-step guide to
empower you to achieve all of your goals and a perfect complement to "The Power of Positive Habits." Available to you
online immediately Freee!.

Bonus #33 .....$9.95 Value

This is your Life, Not A Dress Rehearsal"

by Jim Donovan. This simple book has helped tens of thousands of
people and been translated into four languages. It was chosen as
one of his favorite books and recommended by the President of Toyota.
It contains simple, practical ideas, techniques, and principles for living the life you've always wanted. You will love it!

Bonus #34 .....$60.00 Value

"Ananda - Blissful Living 6 week e-course "

From Lisa Marie Coffey, the "Dosha Diva" and author of "What's
Your Dosha, Baby? Discover the Vedic Way for Compatibility in Life
and Love." 6-week e-course on Ayurveda and the benefits of living an
ayurvedic lifestyle. Topics include: Understanding the
doshas, Digestion, Exercise, Meditation, Seasonal Routines, and Relationships.

Bonus #35 .....$9.97 Value

"On Being A Dog With A Bone"

You'll get the complete book "On Being A Dog With A Bone" by Peggy
McColl. To never give up on your dreams! "On Being A Dog With A Bone"
is a unique, inspiring and humorous book that teaches
us the lessons we can learn from our dogs about never giving up on our
dreams. This is the first time this book has ever been offered in e-book format,
the paperback version is $14.95 you get the e-book
version right now for Freee!

Bonus #36 .....$13.95 Value

"101 Romantic Ideas "
You'll get "101 Romantic Ideas by Michael Webb" Michael Webb has
been a romance coach for the Oprah show. Find out his tips and secrets
in his eBook, 101 Romantic Ideas. Have the relationship
others only dream of by using these 101 Romantic Ideas by a world-renowned
romance expert. You will love it!

Bonus #37 .....$15.00 Value

"Create Your Ideal Body"
You'll get "Create Your Ideal Body" by Terri Levine A breakthrough
easy, natural way to lose weight. This 117 page eBook is a perfect
companion to "The Power of Positive Habits"

Bonus #38 .....$5.00 Value

"Work Yourself Happy"

"You'll get "Work Yourself Happy" by Terri Levine This is the
|workbook that accompanies Terri's coaching book. It sells for $5
but is yours Freee

Bonus #39 .....(Value Priceless!)

"When You Can Walk On Water, Take The Boat""
You'll get the complete book "When You Can Walk On Water,
Take The Boat" - The award winning Best-Selling book by John Harricharan

- eBook. This is a truly inspiring book.... you will love it!

Bonus #40 .....$5.00 Value

"Laughing All The Way""
"Laughing All The Way" by Steve Goodier. We have all heard that
laughter is the best medicine. This eBook report is filled with stories
humor, joy and laughter.

Bonus #41 .....$19.95 Value

"10 Bodacious Ways for a Bodacious Career!"
You'll get "10 Bodacious Ways for a Bodacious Career!"
by Bodacious author and speaker, Mary Foley. This eBook
is Mary's "cheat sheet" for creating the career you want,
based on her best selling book "Bodacious! Career."

Bonus #42 .....$15.00 Value
"Coaching for an Extraordinary Life"
by Terri Levine

You'll get "Coaching for an Extraordinary Life" by Terri Levine
This is the e-book version of Terri's book. You can buy this in
paperback at Barnes & Noble.com for $15, you can have this
e-version today for Freee.

PS -Remember, please act right now because this
once-in-a-lifetime offer expires at midnight
Friday, March 25th.

Power of Positive Habits Plus Bonus Material

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Rob Coopers Fat burning tips In 1990 Rob weighed 475 pounds and was able to burn almost 300 lbs of fat in just two and a half years. Rob does weight management coaching from his office in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Rob's diet is based on a "System Specific Organic Whole Food" line of foods along with various fat burning, muscle building tips from Tom Venuto. Tom's Philosophy is very similar to Rob's and he's happy to recommend them

Rob is currently using the Seven Minute Muscle Workout program.


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