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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Isn't Your Health Worth More Than Just Ten Cents Per Day?

Trade in That Taco for More than A Month of POWERFUL Information - Delivered to Your Inbox Every Day for Just ONE DIME PER DAY!

My Friend Jeremy Likness of Natural Physiques™ — a Division of Golden Summit, Inc. — is proud to announce our latest innovation to deliver high quality content to you at a very low cost. The courses on this page are part of our Dime-a-Day Learning System™.

Inexpensive Comprehensive Daily lessons make it easier to assimilate and use the information We help "pace you" through the material by providing it over time!

Every course will deliver a lesson each day to your own inbox for just ten cents each! Most of these courses are less than $5 USD, but don't let the price tag fool you. Literally HOURS of research is dedicated to every course to provide you with detailed, empowering information. Below, you will find the courses we currently have available. Stop by frequently as we will be adding more with time and per the feedback we receive from our guests.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements E-Course

This course will walk you through major vitamins, minerals, and supplements. The introduction explains what vitamins and minerals are. Then, you will receive information on a new vitamin, mineral, or supplement every day. These lessons will include background information, recommended daily allowances, optimal intakes, potential side effects, natural food sources and more! Definitely a powerful course if you wish to learn your vitamin ABCs.

Get the Vitmanins Minerals and Supplements Course now.

Nutrition E-Course

this program to be an extremely comprehensive guide to nutrition that covers the real nuts and bolts. You will learn about the various components of nutrition, including topics like digestion, how foods are used for energy, and much more. Requirements of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats, etc.) will be discussed, along with healthy shopping guides and even sample menu programs. This is THE course if you wish to learn more about nutrition! The course was written by Jeremy Likness, who is a certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition.

Get the Nutrition E-course now.

Training - Program Design and Application E-Course

Have you ever wondered exactly how many sets or reps you should be doing in your training routine? Do you find sometimes you are not sure which exercises to pick, or what order they should be in? This course is for anyone interested in learning more about training and how to design their own workout programs. Periodization, the laws of training, sets, reps, exercise selection, and more are covered - at the end of this course, you will be able to understand the exercise programs you find online or in books and will have the confidence to create some routines of your own!

Get the Fitness Training E-Course now.

These online courses are a valuable resource for improving your health and educating yourself on vitamins, nutrition and fitness training. Jeremy has been writing for bodybuilding.com for over a year now as well as the author of "Become Your Best" and "Lose Fat, Not Faith", two popular ebooks on weight loss and self improvement.

Jeremy Likness, CEO of Natural Physiques provides a wealth of information on the subject of Health Fitness and Nutrition. He also provides a weekly success coaching call for free every Monday.

You can listen to archived interviews on his website too!

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Rob is currently using the Seven Minute Muscle Workout program.


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