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Friday, February 04, 2005

Everyone Should Take an Anatomy and Physiology Course

I did not write this, but I was sent it in an email and I totally agree with the author.

Warning: This post contains potentially offensive language.

If you do not like vulgar language please do not read, otherwise you'll
enjoy this....

Everyone in the US should be required to take a basic anatomy and physiology course that focuses on body chemistry and the digestive and excratory systems. Cellular biology and chemistry is probably the most fascinating thing I have every studied and the complex interactions of fluids, nutrients, hormones and systems in the body will blow your fucking mind if you've never looked closely at them before.

But what is more important is that I truly believe that EVERYONE (*and I do mean everyone) should know and understand completely exactly what happens when you put a foreign particle of non-food into their body.

I don't care if its some ingredient you can't pronounce on your bag of doritos or the caffeine in your diet soda... if you're going to put it in your body you should DAMNED WELL be aware of exactly what your body now must do to protect itself from the dammage that foreign substance wants to do to it. and what DOESN'T happen that should be happening because your body doesn't have time to do what it should because its so wrapped up in detoxifying itself constantly.

Because really... in food, you know... real food that comes from plants, and animals and trees... there are only a few things: macro nutrients (carbs/fats/proteins) and micronutrients (vitamins and minderals) and there is fiber and water and if its REAL LIVE FOOD (and I'm talking organically grown produce and meats/dairy), then that's just about it. Period. And our bodies know how to deal with those things... hell, they even know how to use most of them efficiently as fuel, building blocks and tools for repair.

Everything else... and I do mean EVERYTHING ELSE that we consume, or put inot our bodies somehow has to be processed by our bodies so that it is prevented from causing DAMMAGE and HARM to the delicate cellular chemistry that must be maintained for life to go on. That's right... just because they say its edible doesn't make it so. Food colorings and flavorings can be made from ANYTHING, including petrolium by-products... man-made chemicals and compounds never found in nature. Pesticides and Hormones and drugs in our food supply are TOXIC to our bodies... they are allowed to be there because we don't demand any different... we buy the crap they produce because we are too lazy to demand better.

And don't give me your craptastic whine fest of, "but its so easy to eat packaged foods, and they taste so good, and blah blah, blah, whine whine whine." because honestly I don't give a fuck and if you want to be a mindless consumer who sucks down every "diet" food when you could be eating REAL LIVE FOOD then you are as pathetic as the advertising agencies truly believe you to be and you are sucking up their pandering and prostheletizing like that nutrition free crap you keep bringing into your home.

Hey everyone! Guess what the new Weight Watchers Core plan is? Its an attempt to get people to EAT REAL FOOD... fruit, vegitables, lean meats and dairy, legumes, nuts... you know... food... rather than counting out how many chips-ahoy death disks they can fit into their points allotments for the day... so HOORAY WW... bout damned time you focused on food!

OH... and preservatives? All of those LOVELY chemicals used to keep your packaged and processed cheese-food fresh? Modern perservatives are toxic to the body... kids manifest ADD type symptoms when exposed to too much BHT and TBHQ... the shit is nasty! We used to use salt and sugar to preserve our food... now sugar and salt are the enemy and these new chemicals will save us from ourselves... and if there is a bigger load of crap out there in the "food-industry" I'd like to hear it because at least salt is a mineral and at least sugar comes from a plant... it is the mindless sheep that we allow ourselves to be that OVER-CONSUME these products in there most absolutely refined forms that are the problem... not the salt and sugar themselves. SUGAR IS NOT THE ENEMY!!!

Yes, purchasing and consuming real food takes thought, effort, time, planning... but that is only because we are out of the habit. We lament over how much healthier the whiney French are than us... well guess what sweetheart? The Frech shop for food every single day. That's right... they buy a days worth of real live food and eat it... and the next day they do the same damned thing.

So quit your fucking whining (or take it away from me) get off your ass and start looking at what is in the crap you call food... think pretty seriously about what your body has to do to detoxify itself because of all the crap you choose to put into it every single day and then just consider for a moment how much healthier you could be if you would just get off your ass and EAT REAL FOOD already. Don't even consider the weight-loss implications... just think about the bio-chemical reactions you could be preventing by not consuming the poisons and then go shopping.

ok... rant done.

[Rob's Note: I totally agree with this unknown author. I have long believed and teach that the more you know about how the body works, and how it uses food, the better informed you are and you can make better health, nutrition and fitness decisions.]

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