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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Liquid Egg Whites For Sale Online

Having been in the health and fitness game for the past 15 years, it's rare for me to get overly excited by the "next new thing" but every so often something comes along that's so simple and so uniquely powerful... I still get blown away.

As you know, I never recommend anything unless I'm absolutely confident it can be a major factor in helping you achieve your bodybuilding or fitness goals.

If your goals include:

* Building More Muscle
* Burning More Fat
* Increasing Your Strength
* Improving Your Health
* Achieving Maximum Results in the Shortest Time

Then read on, because there is a little known resource many Pro- Bodybuilders, Fitness Models, and Sports Nutritionists are using that does all that and more!

Every serious bodybuilder knows a proper nutrition plan using "Real Food" is essential for getting Big, Strong, or Lean... and High Quality Protein is a critical part of the equation. Read the info about protein and why whole food protein is a much better option.

But how do you get enough without going broke, or getting a stomach ache, with tons of Steak, Fish, or Protein Powder?

Well one of the very best "Real Food" protein is found in ordinary eggs. In fact, it's common for the Pro's to be seperating and eating 14 dozen Egg Whites or more per week - but that takes a lot of time and work!

That's why we've all seen, the "Rocky Routine" of drinking a big glass of raw eggs - but this is dangerous (salmonella) and it's useless because an enzyme in raw eggs (avidin) prevents the body from digesting the valuable protein!

So, just how do you get enough Quality Protein?

It's easy... if you get in on what I call, "The Best Kept Protein Secret in Professional Bodybuilding" or... Real 100% Pure Pastureized "Liquid" Egg Whites!

IMPORTANT: Do "NOT" confuse this with the old powder egg products... these are Pure "Liquid" Egg Whites that have been Pastuerized and are:

* the Purest Protein Known to Man in the Entire World
* 100% bio-available (all of the valuable protein is used by your body)
* Tasteless
* Odorless
* Completely Safe
* Ready to Eat without Cooking

They mix easily with anything you can imagine... including your favorite juices, meal replacements, energy/diet/or protein drinks - and supply your body with 5 hours, or more, of Muscle Building - Fat Blasting - Anabolic Support!

In addition, they contain virtually No Carbs, Fat, or Cholesterol - making them the perfect solution for:

* Gaining Lean Body Mass
* Reducing Bodyfat
* Low Carb Diets
* Busy People On-the-Go

100% Pure "Pastuerized" Liquid Egg Whites really deliver. They are good for your health and provide an exceptional source of High Quality "Real Food" Protein that is 100% bio-available. They are quick and easy to use - and you can try them yourself without risk as they have a 100% refund policy. The only negative I can find is that, for now, they are only available in the USA

Here's the website: Egg Whites International

Note: I've seperated my own eggs since I found out how important egg whites are. This is a much simpler, affordable option for good quality egg protein.

If that's not good enough - simply visit the address below to see who a few of the Pro-Bodybuilders, Expert Sports Nutritionists, and Fitness Models are that use 100% Pure Pastuerized "Liquid" Egg Whites and what they have to say...

Egg Whites International

I found out about this all because I went to see Shawn Ray, then went to his website and saw that he was using this product.

That's it. I'm off the the gym to do cardio. Contracted a photographer for a photo shoot in a few months, so I'm more comitted to my goal of 8% now.

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Rob is currently using the Seven Minute Muscle Workout program.


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