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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Leg Training and Back Day

ok, so enough about sleep and eggs for awhile.

Today was leg and back day for me. I swear my trainer is trying to kill me. I've gotten a new training program here about 7 days ago now and I'm on my third rotation of exercises. Today was the third time in a week that I've done legs and back. My legs are used to 7 days to recover so this is freaking them out a bit. The pain is interesting. Haven't felt this way for a long time... it's a good feeling though. Geesh, I just did the math on that in my head again and yes, it's the third leg day in 7 days. It's a two day split with a day off, rotating two lighter days (3 sets of 10 for all exercises) followed by a day off then the next repeat but now heavier (4 sets of 5) and a day off. I've noticed my metabolism has gone way way up.. I'm a lot hotter and I'm eating a lot more. .... oh and the pain thing too. Cardio is only on my off day, in the morning before breakfast instead of mon, wed, fri like usual.

Tonight I went out with a friend and we talked about Sunrider. She took out a membership because another mutual friend of ours has just begun and he got enough good results from the sample's he tried. So basically they're starting together.

We then did karaoke.

Yep, I did karaoke. I think it was the first time I've done that sober.

Another fellow who was in the bar at our table was listening to us talk about health and fitness and then he joined in. He ended the evening by thanking me and that I had inspired him to not spend his spare time after work in the bar, but to use it go after his dream of being a painter and sculptor. He says he has no energy after work to paint or be creative, so just sits in the bar and drinks beer. I explained the benefits of Sunrider and he's quite interested at looking to improve his health.

I had to leave to go out and get some air a couple of times. It was a small pub and the cigarette smoke was really getting to me. Was fun though. Would go do it again. I have a karaoke fan club I think. oh, and before you ask, I sang "Margaritaville" by Jimmy Buffet and "I want a new drug" by Huey Lewis and the news.

Now it's off to bed to sleep. Whoops, said I wasn't going to mention that again. Sorry.

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