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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Weekend Food program while doing the Fitness Camp

So I failed to mention my weekend food strategy while I'm doing this 6 week Fitness Camp.

During the week when I'm doing the 1.5 hours of running, stairs, sprints and drills etc in the morning I've upped my calories about 2000 over what I was normally intaking.

I figure that on the weekend I don't need the extra carbs so cut them out and just went back to my normal intake for weight training as that continues over the weekends.

the first weekend I did this, I noticed that my energy dropped for the Monday morning run and it was quite a notice.

the second weekend and from there on, I added some extra carbs on Sunday night to prepare for Monday morning. All good.

This weekend, after 4 weeks of the Fitness Camp, I've cut my calories back even more just to see how I react and I am SO CRAVING CARBS right now! Holy shit. I want popcorn and more popcorn. Funny.

the other change I made last weekend was during a 9 hour drive to Salmon Arm BC. I was aware that I would be sitting in a car for 9 hours and not expending any energy so ate accordingly. Same thing on Tuesday for the trip back. Was hungry, but knew I didn't need the food.

Conversly, Thursday of this past week, my mom came to town and I spent some time with her. Didnt do the fitness camp that morning but had planned to do the gym. Schedules didn't work out and we decided to eat out at a buffet. A high end buffet. It was awesome. I had ribs, beef bourguignon, mashed potatoes, raw veggies with dill dip, pasta, roast beef with horse radish, spring rolls and then did it all again. I ate so freakin much.. holy. Good thing it was early enough (about 6) and I had most of the night to digest it all. Friday morning I had tons of energy for the run and lower body work... quite noticeable. So I guess what I'm saying is that with the consistency of the cardio in the mornings, I'm really seeing a corelation between food intake and energy levels for the cardio. Very interesting. Dont you love the human body and how it works?

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