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Monday, October 11, 2004

Skydive - 7 jumps and 5 second freefall

I spent the Thanksgiving weekend skydiving. My goal is to jump at least 10 times this year and this past summer I realized I wasn't even taking steps towards it.

So I committed to at least going and taking ground school and jumping. I did two my first day.

This past weekend, I bought a 5 pack of jumps and did three yesterday (Sunday) and 2 more today. I was practicing paper pulls which means that even though the Jump Master still deploys my chute, I would pull an improvised, virtual chute as thought I was going through the motions. I did two of these on Sunday and then once again today.

The rule at the club is that you can't deploy your own chute until you've done two paper pulls to satisfaction of the jump master and that you have to do the paper pull and your first free fall deployment on the same day.

So my first jump today (jump #6) was a paper pull which I did successfully. My second jump (jump #7) I did on my own!!!!!! Whoo hoo! I did a 5 second free fall and then deployed my own chute.

This was my first taste of adrenaline I've experienced cause a couple of things happened that I hadn't seen before. I wasn't worried, but the things were just new. All was good and I even got to see my canopy deploy and inflate for the first time too. That was cool. As fast as it opens, it's still very slow I noticed.

Then my landing was hard and I messed up my ankle a bit. Still limping right now, but "Sol Good".

Shooting for 5 more jumps before the end of October and the end of the season.

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