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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Fitness Camp - a month in review

Holy crap, it's been a whole month since I began the Club Fit 6 week fitness camp.

I did a week in review blog about 3 weeks ago and haven't mentioned is since, so I better follow up I guess.

Lets talk about notices first. I've noticed that during the drills, my pushups have gotten much better. We'd do a drill where we'd go from dips on a bench to pushups then back to dips again followed by pushups again. This is repeated 4 times. Originally my first set of pushups would hurt and I'd fatigue quickly, but after 4 weeks I'm noticing a dramatic improvement. Also, the stair climbing. Counted the stairs and there's 180 of them. I recover quick quickly while going down, jog the first few (before it levels out a bit), say the first 40 then I go two at a time up the next set. After 4 weeks, I was running the whole second set at two at a time passing people pushing myself. Felt great.

Another notice is this new thing we're doing where at the top of the flight of steps (180), we do jumping jacks then those drills where you go to a pushup position but you jump your feet up to your hands and then jump up and repeat. Don't know what they're called, but anyway.. I've noticed remarkable core strength improvement over when I used to do them in Taekwondo a few years ago. I'd go as far as to say that it's a non issue.

I've noticeably dropped at least an inch or two and I don't know how many percent bodyfat, but I know I've gained some muscle, so the ratios will just be different. Hoping for 8 but will be happy with 10%.

The post 6 week fitness assessment is in another 2 weeks so I'll let you know then how it went. My next project is to design a similar program that I can continue on as I'm having so much fun and success with this. I'll work with my personal trainer on that one. I want it to compliment how I do my weight training in the evenings.

I just finished working on my West Coast Trail picture and trip journal tonight, so go have a look at that too. This post is just after taking a break from doing that.

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