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Monday, September 20, 2004

Bootcamp - a week in review

Alright, so it's been a week now since I began both my Bootcamp program and my new six week weight training program.

Here's the review.

The first week of Bootcamp was pretty much three days of benchmarking our performance in various physical tests along with a lot of running.

Now, I'm not a runner by nature, but I'm really beginning to like it.

We do a warm up run of about 1.25 KM to a checkpoint where we begin our training and drills. Our first day we got tested in dips, pushups, chins, frog jumps and stair running drills. Day 2 we got a benchmark in a 20 minute run over a measured 500m loop and then finished with a crunches benchmark.

An average day goes something like this: Warm up run followed by some sort of drill. For the dips / pushups, we did 30 seconds of dips followed by 30 seconds of pushups and then repeated it again. Then we ran about 1 click (1 KM) over to our second checkpoint where we went into pullups followed by frog jumps. Both of these were the same way, 1 set followed by the other and repeated. Then we run about 1.5 clicks back to a place where there's a good set of stairs (no I didn't count them) and we run up and down for a measured time. First day was as many as we could do for 5 mins, the second day for 7 mins and today for 10 mins. Then we run a final click back to the club and do stretches.

What I'm noticing is this. I notice when I hit my initial wall. I'm pretty strong in the running until a certain point and it seems to be at the same place every day. I slow down slightly, but not much but keep going. My goal in the running is simply to 'keep moving'. A second thing I notice is that as strong as I think I am at dips, pushups and chins, it's no where near the same when doing them back to back with no rest and after doing a run which causes my heart rate to be upward of 150 a minute or so. I do notice that my legs seem stronger than most others though and I have more strength endurance than cardio endurance.

Today (the beginning of the second week), we got to the checkpoint and did squats for a minute followed by single leg calf raises, then repeated again. We then did 250 meter sprints with a jog back and repeated 6 times followed by the squats, calf raises for 3 sets. Then we went into a 10 minute run on the 500M loop. I noticed that my liver was telling me it was out of glucose at one point so I backed off a bit, BUT... I recovered fairly quick which to me tells me that my body switched to it's fat reservoirs as fuel. The liver issue went away and I kicked it up a notch.

Stairs: what I noticed about the stairs was that the downward portion gave me ample time to recover and I was able to pour it on for the second set up and the same happened for the third set. Very cool. My legs are strong man! yay.

my benchmarks: dips - 60, pushups - 26, chins - 16, frog jumps - 35, stairs 1.95 (almost made it up twice, but was about 10 steps short of the top). 20 minute run - 3.25 km and 96 crunches in 2 minutes.

goals: 80 dips, 35 pushups, 20 chins, 40 frog jumps, 2.5 of the stairs and at least 110 crunches, 120 would be better as that's 1 a second for 2 minutes. I'd like to increase my running distance to 4KM or better in the 20 minute time limit. That should be do-able.

Weight Training Program: I'm very happy so far. The idea was to go heavier as I've been doing an endurance program since the spring so that I could better deal with hiking and mountain climbing through the summer. Now it's about putting on some mass for the winter. I WAS doing a 6 day program, whole body over 3 days and then repeated. NOW it's a 5 day program, 1 body part a day. Still core focused but much harder. I had easily adapted to the beginner core program I was given but now my trainer has developed the next stage in my training and I'm liking it. I've dropped my reps from 15 to 30 for some body parts down to 10. One Leg exercise I'm doing 3 sets of 64 reps. It's killer too, but feels awesome. I have the best trainer I've ever seen.

I'm told by our Bootcamp instructor that from here on in it's drills. Today was leg day, Wed is endurance day and I'm not sure about Fri but it must involve chins somehow.

Food wise, I've upped my carbs and my calories substantially as I'm burning through it pretty fast. Carbs are still coming from whole foods like veggies and oatmeal. I've upped my morning eggs to 2 whole eggs and 6 egg whites in a tortilla wrap with the oatmeal / flax with Almond milk and cinnamon hot cereal. Eating a lot of Sunrider Sport Caps and Veros to help recovery and increased my NuPlus to compensate for the output of energy (and heal). Fortune Delight has increased as well so that I make sure I'm hydrated.

I had originally set a goal of dropping 2% bodyfat, but after the first week alone, I think it might hit 3 or 4%. We'll see.

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At 12:36 AM, Blogger Joel said...

Do you take encouragement messages? Because I want to send them: great job!

At 11:22 AM, Blogger Chris said...

Hi there. Great blog. I found you from Blogarama. I read about your 20 chinups with great envy. I can't do one. I'm a nearly former fat guy. I've lost 60 pounds already, have taken up running, and would love to figure out how you go to do chins. Email me if you've a moment: blog@-remove-chrisbrogan.com .


At 1:48 PM, Blogger Kathy Cushman said...

I just started at a Utah Weight Loss Boot Camp and am blogging about it at http://www.randomactsoffitness.blogspot.com/

I really enjoy your blog. I can not believe how much the internet is helping me stay focused and motivated. There are so many of us trying to do something about our "curvy" bodies. It is hard to do at times but I cant go back to how it was. This Utah Weight Loss Boot Camp has been a god send.

Thank you for posting your own battle. I really enjoy it.


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