Weight Loss Success Story

After - at 187 pounds

weight loss success after picture

This was me at my lowest weight, taken in 1993 when I was 187 pounds.  I didn't feel anorexic at the time, but I defiantly was gaunt and lacked all muscle tone.  I have since put on  30  56 or so pounds of muscle.

I was 187 with about 30% body fat (my best guess) which put me at 131 Lean Body Mass. As of Dec 31, 2004, I am 186lbs Lean Body Mass with a goal of reaching 216 LBM at 6% Body fat which = weight of 230lbs. Watch my progress on my Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle review page.

Make sure you check out my current pictures from time to time.

Photographer: Randy Fritz

Uncle& Aunts 40th Anniversary

weight loss success pink panther picture

My Uncle Charlie and Aunt Irene had their 40th anniversary in 1995 and my whole family got together. I really like this picture, but everyone says that it does not look like me.  What can I say?  Don't you love that tie?  My Pink Panther tie!

Photographer: Cori Adel

Alberta Success Story

Alberta success story

Due to my involvement with my Whole Food Nutritional Concentrate company, we took this picture to keep everyone up to date as to how I was doing.  Notice the length of the hair in this picture.

Photographer: Randy Fritz

Self Portrait

self portrait

Taken in 1996 just after I decided that long hair was out and cut it all off. I thought that going all the way was the only choice. You can tell the difference in hair from the Alberta Success photo above. I also grew a goutee.


Make sure you check out my current pictures from time to time.