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All-In-One Fitness Equipment: The Kettler Rowing Machine

By Gary Grewal

kettler rowing machine

Fitness rowing machines are one of the best health machines that you can get your hands on if you want to get a really powerful body workout. These machines put most, if not all, of your muscle groups working in no time. While it is, indeed, one of the most powerful resistance training machines, a rowing machine is also utilized to get your recommended cardio, and specifically aerobic, exercises. From rehabilitating your muscles and joints to improving your total endurance and stamina, getting yourself on this fitness machine could optimize the effects of your weight loss program. Aside from its tremendous health benefits, one of the best things about this machine is that it is convenient and ideal for your home. Rowing machines are just perfect in preparing you in real-life action in getting across the water. Learn how to perfectly grip those real oars and really get your muscles prepared for some water action.

Row and Build Muscles like a Pro: Getting Yourself the Kettler Rowing Machine

Like getting yourself a convenient practice in the lake every day, a full 30-minute routine on rowing machines is like hitting two birds with one stone: a powerful calorie-burning cardio workout and full muscle training. Experts report that a personís legs are benefited for up to 70% in a full body workout, while the upper body gets only the remaining 30%. A full routine in this machine could give your body the benefit of a powerful whole body workout, and most fitness and workout experts would say that there is just little gym equipment that could give you this benefit. Aside from its amazing health benefits, getting on a rowing machine provides one of the best times to practice your rowing techniques. Here you could actually learn how to row faster. Air rowers just provide you a really smooth workout and, therefore, give you that stimulation to act in similar conditions and mimic the movement when you are out in the lake.

Get Optimized Training with Kettler Rowing Machine

Rowing has more benefits than you could actually think of. Aside from total body conditioning, rowing routines provide your daily cardio workout and resistance training to build your muscles. As you progress into your workout, your body became more acquainted with the demands and requirement of rowing as a sport. You would eventually notice that your rowing skills had gradually developed day by day. Rowing machines are primarily used to categorize indoor fitness equipment used to train and develop the body by stimulating the natural movements of boat rowing through a similar handles mimicking the oars plus the inclusion of sliding seat. A typical 1-hour routine in a rowing fitness machine could give you a powerful workout that could ultimately burn at least 900 calories. Imagine the power of an hour session with this great machine and that of a treadmill. What is actually great about doing your workout with a rowing machine is that you could optimize you cardio workout and include resistance training in this single equipment. In addition to a powerful cardio routine, rowing machines is just great to develop and target major muscle groups such as your arms, legs, abdominal, back, and buttocks.

Optimized Muscle Building

Enjoy a really great arm, legs, and back workout when you get on with one of these machines. Hereís the thing. Remember how you just jump from one machine to another whenever you are in the gym just so you could train and develop all your muscle groups. The main reason why your trainer requires you to jump from the treadmill to the weights is that because your body needs all of the muscles to be developed, not just your legs but your whole upper body and its extension as well. Rowing machines give you that power and so much more. Your one hour ride in one of these machines could practically get all your major muscle groups working it out. What is even great is that you could choose both the intensity and resistance in each muscle type. Depending on how hard you want your workout to be, rowing machines could easily set for greater or even lower resistance. This machine is just great to set your muscle development schedule and goal each year. With just single equipment, you could tone and build your muscles, including your thighs, calves, back, and shoulders. By simply setting the resistance, you could burn more calories as your muscles are geared to work harder. In essence, the rowing fitness machines simply follow the simple logic of muscle building and weight loss: the greater muscle you require to work, the more calories you could actually burn.

All-in-one Powerful Workout Machine

Rowing machine is simply one of the most powerful and comprehensive machines. This equipment is simply and specifically made to optimize both your cardio and resistance training routines.

Why jump from one equipment to another if you could have all the power of cardio and strength training with a simple and convenient home fitness rowing machine?

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