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Body Building Supplements

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Supplement Combinations

Writen by an anonymous writer, but very well could have parallelled my own experience. This writer has chosen the exact same body building supplement stack that I use.

I get quite a few emails asking about various supplement combinations, stacking different supplements, or how to use some supplements. After my recent return to serious lifting after a one year layoff, I did a basic cycle (about 7 weeks) using the basics, and came back with a 18lb gain in these 7 weeks. (of course, its always easier to gain back what you lost.)

So, I'm writing this (probably long) guide now to answer some of these most often asked questions, and hopefully help you out. ;-) Now, this guide is just for beginners who are using some basics supplements, but lack a good understanding, or for anyone who's considering using some supplements for the first time.  If you've been using supplements for awhile, then you probably shouldn't waste your time reading this. But feel free to do so.

Hopefully after you read this, you'll gain a good understanding of the basic supplements, and learn to use them to maximize your gains. So, here's what you can hopefully get out of this guide:

  1. Learning about the basics - creatine, glutamine, protein supplements and weight gainers
  2. Get a brief overview of the use and benefits of these basic supplements , and learn about the truth (and side effects) of some of them (telling fact from fiction especially for creatine).
  3. How you can use and stack just the basics supplements to achieve excellent gains, even if you're a Hard gainer (I am a major hard gainer myself, so if I can do it, so can you... boy that's so cliched)

The Basic Supplements In My Stack

Okay, so there's probably thousands of supplements out there, and its pretty confusing when it comes to picking what to use that will deliver results, and won't bankrupt you. If you're just starting out, this is even tougher.

Now, I'm going to list the supplements I use, and make suggestions based on experience for supplements that work that are also pretty good priced. But by no means, am I saying they're the best you can get... But you can bet they're a good starting point.

I got back into lifting in mid Nov. last year (at only 128lbs), and by the first week in January, I was up 17lbs at 145. Not bad for 7 weeks, including a week of off time while I was away for new years. In this time, I had quickly got my bench back up to my previous max of 225lbs. In Nov, I had a tough time cranking out 4 reps with only 135. (again, its easier to gaining back what you lose.)

Here's the supplements I ordered online for my first basic stack getting back:

  • American Creatine Monohydrate 1000g ($25)
  • Optimum L-Glutamine 1000g ($50)
  • Optimum Nutrition 100 Whey Protein 5lb ($31)
  • Prolab N Large 2 Weight Gainer 10lb ($40)

That's it! All the basics you need for some decent gains. Total costed me about $170 after shipping. Which still saves me a handful of cash if I were to buy it from a place like GNC.

So why did I pick these supplements out of the thousands out there? Simple, for price considerations, and also cuz I know they work. And if you ask me, I'd have to say some of them are the best for what money can get in their supplement categories... but no worries, I'll get into some details of each of these in part 2 of this supplements guide.

[Rob's Note:] I use the 10lb pack of Whey protein mentioned here. My friends and associates call it my Dog Food, as it comes in a large dog food type container

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