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How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

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How to lose stubborn body fat including man boobs - natural bodybuilding champion reveals all the secrets...

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I suffered from Man Boobs myself and after following many diet and exercise routines, finally got into a rhythm of habits and lifestyle changes that led to my dropping nearly 300 pounds of fat

Man Boobs

how to get rid of man boobs

A review of Lose The Man Boobs

By Rob Cooper

I am very happy to review Lose The Man Boobs by Cliff Manchaster in an effort to better inform my readers about to answer the question "How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs". I also suffered from Man Boobs and it's a common question I receive.

Chris Manchester's book Lose Man Boobs is the definitive in cut to the chase, follow these simple steps guide and get the job done for getting rid of Man Boobs.

Chris starts with a chapter on taking action, much the same as my own philosophy. If you're not willing to put in the work and just talk about it, or judge the methods without even giving them a try, then why bother with getting the book. This is for anyone wanting to truly get results.

I suffered from Man Boobs myself and after following many diet and exercise routines, finally got into a rhythm of habits and lifestyle changes that led to my dropping nearly 300 pounds of fat. Chris covers a lot of them in his book. If I hadn't known better, I'd say Chris was reading my website and then compiled it into a book.

Chris begins with a chapter about the importance of fluids and why they help drop the chest fat that results in Man Boobs. The one place that I disagree with Chris on this point is about juices being ok in place of water. I believe that the extra calories and non-nutritional juice beverages just add calories and add to the body being acidic where it wants to be alkaline. Nevertheless, a good chapter which gets my full approval.

He next talks about herbal methods of losing the Man Boobs including specialized teas. He advises to not use sugar and go the pain method. I would add to this that one should use stevia as a sweetner for it's medicinal properties of helping stabilize blood sugar and support the pancreas. Otherwise, we again agree.

In the continuing effort of learning how to get rid of man boobs, Chris's Lose Man Boobs book goes on to explain about topics such as:

  • How sleep affects fat burning

  • How to Eat Right and combine your foods for maximum digestion

  • Optimized Diet Methods to get rid of man boobs and are extremely healthy

  • Additional herbal remedies of which two are staples of my diet

  • Power Exercise Changes that emphasize fat ratio reduction factors and then specialized techniques to get rid of man boobs.

In his chapter about Cardio, Chris says

"Lets say you do your cardio at night, after you've already had dinner. Essentially, all you're doing here is burning the calories and carbohydrates of the last meal"
and I disagree. Yes you may be burning the calories of the last meal, but they would then be calories that don't get stored and the exercise in the form of cardio increases your metabolism which then further leads to fat loss and getting rid of the man boobs. Otherwise, his other method listed is optimal and I agree.

Chris goes on to discuss

  • Tricky Diet Routines and,

  • Acupressure effects for losing the man boobs

And then includes 3 audio files to support you as well as life long updates and access to a member area for support.

All in all, Lose Man Boobs is a great addition to your arsenal on how to get rid of man boobs and improve your health. If you only begin a program or a routine from this book, then you've taken one more step and action is everything. Action begins to open doors and the results prove themselves.

The "LoseManBoobs" Blueprint System to losing chest fat fast

man boobs

A complete step-by-step instruction on how to get rid of your excessive chest fat for good. This book includes top-notch strategic advice applicable to any body shape or size. This instantly downloadable book is so powerful and detailed, no matter who you are or how old you are, the techniques are universally applicable.

Click here for information on the instantly downloadable e-book: Lose The Man Boobs

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Optimized Diet Methods and other herbal remedies that show how to get rid of man boobs

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