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Treatment of high cholesterol depends upon its cause. Where high cholesterol is caused by a diet high in fatty foods, it can be lowered by altering your diet.

Top 10 Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol Without Drugs

By Rob Cooper

Mention high blood pressure, and most people consider the possibility of heart attack or stroke. Talk about high cholesterol, and many individuals brush the condition aside as a problem for another day. Actually, high cholesterol is equally deadly. Therefore, when a doctor suggests monitoring cholesterol, take a proactive approach. Begin implementing 10 ways to lower your cholesterol without drugs:

1. Know where you stand

Since cardiovascular disease is considered the number one killer of adults over the age of twenty, and high cholesterol is a definite contributor, individuals should track cholesterol levels. If cholesterol levels are 200 mg/dl or below, a doctor will probably suggest rechecking every five years. However, higher numbers suggest trouble, especially if the condition is hereditary. For instance, people with a level of 240, or higher, are twice as likely to suffer a heart attack. Therefore, if cholesterol numbers are good today, do not assume the problem will never occur. Be proactive, and check the numbers.

2. Learn all you can

Diagnosed with high cholesterol, many people will accept the doctor's prescription, and go about daily living with a pill a day. No way! For most people, high cholesterol did not magically appear. Smoking and eating habits are only two lifestyle changes necessary for lowering the numbers. For instance, a person fatally allergic to peanut butter will carefully read labels and avoid the spread at all costs. Similarly, high cholesterol means the artery walls are coated with too much fat. Yet people take medicine and maintain the same diet. The practice does not make sense. Be Proactive, and learn all you can.

3. Get rid of those extra pounds

As with any heart healthy treatment, a person needs to consider the stress on the body from carrying extra weight. Metabolism is skewed, and the body will probably have a more difficult time processing the excess fat, even with prescription medication. Be proactive, and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by getting rid of extra pounds.

4. Lace up your walking shoes

Doctors suggest the loss of 5-10 extra pounds may have a significant influence on cholesterol levels. However, the same physicians will also link diet and exercises to help get rid of unwanted weight. People avoid exercise, for one reason or another. However, a membership in a costly gym is not necessary. In addition to eating healthy choices, simply add a walk to the daily routine. Enlist a friend or a family member and make a permanent lifestyle change. Be proactive, and invest in some good walking shoes.

5. The good fats

Unbeknownst to many, not all fats are associated with elevated cholesterol. In fact, some fats will actually help lower bad cholesterol, while increasing good cholesterol. For instance, animal fats from red meat are generally considered taboo. However, fish and peanut butter, in moderation, may have the opposite effect. So, be proactive. Do a little homework, and learn about the good fats.

6. Fiber

Unless an individual has grown up under a rock, he/she knows a healthy diet contains plenty of fiber. A cholesterol lowering diet is no different. Foods like fruits, vegetables, and legumes are high in fiber. The fiber will help a person feel fuller, eat less, and absorb excess fat, in addition to the other physical benefits. Be proactive, and begin eating the daily requirements of fiber rich foods.

7. Multivitamin

As with any diet, a good multivitamin will ensure an individual is receiving all the nutrients necessary for healthy living. Read the labels, and find a complete vitamin. Be proactive, and take a daily multivitamin.

8. Explore your treatment options

Not all high cholesterol treatments work for all people. While a doctor is well educated, he/she also knows patients have a variety of options. Therefore, find the option compatible with lifestyle and other health concerns. No cholesterol treatment will be beneficial, if the patient cannot change his/her lifestyle accordingly. Be proactive, and know the treatment options.

9. Short-circuit stress

Amazingly, stress also contributes to the affects of high cholesterol. Uptight people are unlikely to maintain a healthy lifestyle change. Plus, blood vessels constrict, accentuating the problem with high cholesterol. Life is too short. Do not waste a day risking the negative health affects of stress. Be proactive, and make the necessary lifestyle changes to lower stress.

10. Commitment

lower cholesterol naturally Finally, be committed to good health. Diet and exercise, to lower bad cholesterol, can only be effective if maintained. The hard work to lower cholesterol levels will be worthless, if an individual returns to his/her unhealthy habits. Be proactive. Commit to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and follow these Top 10 ways to lower your cholesterol.

About The Author:
Rob Cooper writes about Natural Weight Loss from his office in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Read more about Natural health, High Cholesterol and Lowering Cholesterol Levels.

Article usage: You may reprint this article on your website or blog as long as you include the resource box (the About The Author section).

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There are many reasons to fall prey to high cholesterol. High stress, alcoholism, food that contains high fat are some of the causes attributed to high cholesterol.

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