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Brad King Fat Wars

Brad King MS, MFS

Author of Fat Wars

Date: spring 2003

Brad King is a well-respected nutritional researcher, performance nutritionist and fitness expert who holds a masters in nutritional science, and is certified by the International Sports Sciences Association as a master of fitness science.

Brad is the author of many books:

He is also responsible for compiling the Health Mentors anthology, Walking with the Wise for Health and Vitality with such notables as Deepak Chopra and Dr. Phil. He also writes the monthly Metabolism Matters column for Canada's #1 health magazine, alive.

Brad has spent the last decade researching and developing leading-edge dietary supplements and exercise protocols designed to improve health, slow biological aging, boost athletic performance and aid in fat loss. He is a consultant to award-winning nutritional companies in Canada and the US and has formulated numerous gold medal winning nutritional formulas.

Brad sits on the scientific advisory board for the Fat Loss Research Institute, the Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor from the Canadian Health Food Association, and is a 2003 inductee into the Canadian Sports Nutrition Hall of Fame.

Brad hosted the popular daily Canadian radio health show, Body Talk, for three years. During that time he interviewed hundreds of the worlds leading experts and researchers in the fields of optimal health and nutrition.

Often a keynote speaker in the areas of health and nutrition, Brad's specialty is in the area of how to achieve maximum metabolic function, create optimal muscle gain, lose excess body fat in the least amount of time and how to win the war against premature aging.

He has been highlighted in numerous national magazines, health publications and newspapers including Maclean's, Chatelaine, alive, Total Health, Oxygen, Canadian Health & Fitness, Canada's Healthy Living Guide, Common Ground, Health & Vitality, The National Post, Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun and Times Colonist. Brad has appeared as a leading health and fitness expert on national television programs in both Canada and the U.S., including The Today Show, Canada AM, Balance TV, Cityline and Body and Health and has also been featured on hundreds of Canadian and U.S. radio talk shows.

Enjoy a 60 minute interview with Brad King where we discuss protein, thermogenesis, the incredible importance of water and much more.

1 Part, 60 minutes    

Protein Recommendation

The only protein supplement that I recommend is IsaPro by Isagenix. It's an absolutely clean, undenatured, grade 7 whey protein with only 2 ingredients - Undenatured whey protein and ionic alfalfa juice concentrate. Alfalfa is full of minerals, so it's just the whey and minerals - nothing else. Perfect in design. Compare that to off the shelf whey proteins that contain 15, 20, or more ingredients including artificial sweeteners and dog food quality whey. There is no comparrison.

This is why I call Isagenix IsaPro The Best Whey Protein.

If you liked this interview, a donation would be much appreciated. Donations allow me to keep doing what I'm doing. The donation page opens in a new window, so you can keep listening.

Thank you

Conquer Inflammation

Extinguish the Hidden Fires Behind Arthritis, Intestinal Disorders, Heart Disease, Obesity, Mental Decline, Cancer and Diabetes

by Brad King

If any of the above disorders concern you, consider the news from current medical research: no matter what the condition, the cause of your body's ills may be inflammation. While inflammation is a natural process that has ensured our survival through generations, the relentless assaults of today's environment-stress, pollution, poor nutrition and sleep, to name just a few-may be triggering endless inflammatory responses that continuously harm your body-eventually leading to illness. Conquer Inflammation will give you clear and concise details on exactly how inflammation is generated by your immune system or your fat cells and how it continuously creates havoc in your heart, your brain, your joints, your skin, and your soft tissues. This book will show you how you can end the inflammatory activity in your body without resorting to drugs that may have harmful side-effects. Lifestyle changes, nutritional strategies, and natural supplements can stop the inflammation process without causing more harm to your body.

Visit Brads website at

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