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The active ingredient in the Hoodia Gordonii concentrate which is harvested from the cactus is a molecule dubbed the 'P57' molecule, which activates chemicals in the brain signifying fullness and telling our bodies to stop eating.

Hoodia Side Effects: The Good and the Bad News About Hoodia

Tip! The Sans Bushmen, the tribe in South Africa that has been using hoodia for thousands of years and first discovered its properties, do not use the hoodia diet patch. This may sound like I'm trying to be cute or sarcastic, but I'm actually making a very important point.

Anyone who is seriously considering a new diet pill or alternative weight loss product should for good practice become fully informed about its short and long term side effects, and in combination with other drugs. Most weight conscious people today are aware of hoodia gordonii and its incredible appetite suppressing ability. But unfortunately most people are not fully aware of hoodia's potential long term side effects.

The Good News

The good news about hoodia gordonii is that so far it has demonstrated no short-term harmful side effects. There have been no reports of dangerous side effects from consumers in the West who have taken hoodia. Volunteers who have participated in small group formal testing on hoodia have proven that pure hoodia when taken regularly at an optimal dosage--between 750mg and 1500mg--were eventually eating 1,000 calories less daily in comparison to the control group. In addition, in animal experiments, hoodia has been able to reduce food consumption by as much as 40 percent.

The Bad News

Since it's yet too early in hoodia gordonii's overall history in relation to modern consumers, no studies have yet been conducted for evaluating its possible side effects on a long term basis. Until clinical trials are administered on a reasonable large and random group of varying racial makeup, we would not know for the time being what potential side effects hoodia gordonii may have on pregnant mothers, on young obese children, or anyone with chronic conditions like liver, kidney, or heart disease.

Another point to bear in mind is that so far the only harmful side effects by taking hoodia are brought about through abuse or misuse. For example, someone who suffers from an eating disorder may find him or her-self in harm's way after taking hoodia for several weeks. How? Their health may suffer from a lack of proper nutrients when they do not feel like eating. Appetite suppression can cause unknown damages to your body. So how does one prevent this from occurring? Here's a simple preventative measure: compliment hoodia with a well-balanced diet and daily exercise.

If you are interested in finding high quality hoodia from trusted reputable companies, read product reviews and testimonials at the site listed below.

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Before trying any Hoodia Supplements, make sure you read and know what you're dealing with. Diet supplements can be confusing, so go directly to the source for unbiased research and information about all Diet Supplements, including Hoodia.

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Ultimately hoodia has shown people around the world to possess the ability to curb one's appetite by imitating the same effect that glucose has on the brain; our brain then tells us that we are full which of course, decreases our desire to want to eat.


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