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The active ingredient in the Hoodia Gordonii concentrate which is harvested from the cactus is a molecule dubbed the 'P57' molecule, which activates chemicals in the brain signifying fullness and telling our bodies to stop eating.

FAQ: How Much Hoodia Should I Take?

Tip! One need not stick to selected food stuffs for consuming Hoodia diet pills.(You can eat almost anything along with these pills).

Some ingredients in hoodia gordonii supplements are stimulants. These are the hoodia herb combos and one should follow the manufacturer's suggested dosage. If any side effects are noticed, such as increased heart rate or nervousness, these are most likely attributable to some natural stimulant that is included in the product. Clinical research and patient use has indicated that no side effects are experienced when using 100% hoodia gordonii products.

How much hoodia should I take? Some people report that it takes 3000mg per day to adequately control their appetites. Others report that 1500mg does the job for them. This may be a factor of body weight. Since ingredients in hoodia supplements vary, it is best to follow the manufacturers suggested dosage. Some companies advise one or two capsules in the morning and then one or two in the afternoon with a full glass of water. Some suggest one capsule with a full glass of water one hour before meals or three times per day. Sometimes this depends on the milligrams of hoodia in each capsule.

How much hoodia should I take if I am pregnant or nursing? The one word answer to this question is none.

How much hoodia should I take if I have not consulted my doctor? The one word answer, again, is none. While there is no evidence that taking hoodia gordonii as a weight loss supplement is dangerous or can complicate existing medical conditions. Clinical research is incomplete at this time. There are some informal studies and some doctors recommend hoodia for their patients, but only your doctor knows your complete medical history. To repeat, the ingredients in hoodia supplements vary and it is important to let your doctor know what those ingredients are.

How much hoodia should I take to lose weight? Taking hoodia alone will not make you lose weight. It may suppress your hunger. People, unlike other animals, do not just eat because they are hungry. People eat out of habit, boredom and many other reasons. No matter what the ingredients in hoodia gordonii can do, they can not take the place of a reasonable diet and appropriate exercise.

For answers to other questions like; how much hoodia should I take, visit the Hoodia Info Blog.

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Before trying any Hoodia Supplements, make sure you read and know what you're dealing with. Diet supplements can be confusing, so go directly to the source for unbiased research and information about all Diet Supplements, including Hoodia.

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Ultimately hoodia has shown people around the world to possess the ability to curb one's appetite by imitating the same effect that glucose has on the brain; our brain then tells us that we are full which of course, decreases our desire to want to eat.


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