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West Coast Trail

Day 2

Michigan Creek to Tsusiat Falls - 13 Km

We woke up in a very heavy fog and a slight rain. Got a good nights rest again while listening to rain falling all night long. After a breakfast of granola and NuPlus, we headed on up the beach route to our next campsite at Tsusiat falls. There was no inland route here, so we had to go beach for at least the first 5 Km.

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Wanda washing in Michigan Creek

As we walked the beach, it was easy to see a few common items. Seaweed, driftwood and lost buoys from ships that had floated up over the years. The beach access points are marked on the beaches by hanging strings of these lost buoys in the trees so they're easy to see. There was also a ton of fricken seaweed! This is the first time I'd ever had to hike on a beach on the sand, so that was interesting. They call it the "beach boogie" and what I found was that with a heavy pack, you just sink right in. It's best to try and find some harder sand down near the water level and stay away from the dry stuff. It took me until the fourth day to figure out that it was even easier to follow anothers foot prints as they were already compressed quite a bit and provided traction for stepping.

Weeds on the beach

Wanda whipping some seaweed at me

The rain let up for a bit somewhere along the beach and we found this big piece of driftwood that we both climbed up on. I'm thinking it was on our second bit of beach walking around KM 20 or better as we were nearing Tsusiat falls. Anyway, we stopped here for a bit and just relaxed and took in the fog, er, view.

Day 2 on the Driftwood

This next shot will give you a better idea of how big the log was and what I meant by "climbed up on"

Full shot of Wanda on driftwood

We were just a few clicks away from the falls so we pressed on. We had to pass over a river using our first cable car system. Very cool I must say. Tsusiat Falls was just another 3 or better KM's further up the inland trail from the crossing

Cable car at Klanawa River (KM 23)

The campsite was at the bottom of a large set of ladders. There was a large group just leaving as we were heading down and they gave us the right of way. I thought that was nice of them until I realized while we were at the bottom of a different set that we had to go up. People going up don't give right of way, they just take the opportunity to have a rest while waiting for you to come down!

Just as I got to the bottom, I was told the cave for camping in was to my left. I stopped and looked left to see three guys lift their packs at the entrance to the cave and walk away. Serendipity! Just as I got to the bottom, the cave was open and available. I took the opportunity to grab it while Wanda was still coming down. We got to spend the night there and it was quite the place to be.

First thing on the agenda was to get to the falls and have a shower. The falls seem to be fed by a lake so the water was warm. I took my dry change of clothes over and took care of business. Very nice and yes, it was warm.

Tsusiat Falls

I believe it's pronounced Suzy-at Falls, but don't quote me on that.

Wanda was in quite a bit of pain at the end of this day. Her knee was giving her some problems and she was putting up with a lot of pain. I had to commend it to her for choosing to do this hike. It was her first hike ever and she's never spend the day with a 40+ pound pack on her back.

That was the end of the second day's hike. A fairly easy, even 13 KM hike with a mixture of inland and beach hiking. Got to spend the night in the much sought after Tsusiat Falls Cave and had a warm shower before supper. Next day we'd be off for the longest bit of hike on the trail and I'd lose my hiking partner.

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