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How can a person with Candida be helped?

There is hope! Many are WELL again after following these steps:

1. KILL OFF YEAST by a special Candida diet (NO starches, NO sugars, NO yeast, and NO dairy products for a period of at least four weeks). * Yeast-killing medicinal herbs and/or drugs MAY be taken as well, but they are optional, short-term, emergency treatment only. The ultimate GOAL is to restore THE BODY'S OWN ABILITY to control its own yeast. This can never be accomplished as long as drugs or medicinal herbs are being used to SUBSTITUTE for the body's proper, natural function.

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2. FLUSH OUT DEAD YEAST with pure water/herbal cleansing teas.** Drink plenty.

3. EAT only raw, whole, unprocessed foods so that the body gets the level of nutrition required to (1) HEAL itself (regenerate tissues damaged by yeast) and (2) KEEP its own yeast under control from this point on.**

Here are some thoughts on foods to avoid if you have Candida Albicans

4. Supplement with a probiotic. Candida hates probiotics.

Probiotic what? The term "probiotic" literally means "for life," in contrast to "anti-biotic," which means "against life."

Probiotic refers to beneficial bacterial microorganisms which are an essential part of your GI tract even at birth. Once established and fed by the nutrients found in mother's milk and are "friendly" bacteria

When I did my Udo Erasmus Interview on my talk radio show, I asked him specifically about probiotics. He said...

"... there is a war going on in our bodies between the good and the bad, the dark and the light, the good and bad bacteria. We're bombarded with so many substances that destroy our good and bad bacteria that we must always supplement with a probiotic. The war in our gut goes on until the day we die..."

  Listen to Udo Discuss Probiotics 1:56

  Listen to Udo and I discuss what kills the friendly bacteria 1:56

*NOTE: The short-term, rigid diet alone, although very important to get rid of Candida, is NOT sufficient to regenerate health and balance. Yeast-killing herbs and drugs may help destroy the yeast colonies, but they cannot, in themselves, lead to the regeneration of the body. Following a whole food, intense nutrition program without adherence to the diet markedly limits success. In sharing with people in all stages of Candida, my experience has been that it takes all three of the above steps to fully recover.

** I personally prefer to elevate my own levels of nutrients by using the Whole Food Concentrates to supplement the Anti-Candida Diet. I find both Energy Tea formulas 1 and 2 as an effective cleansing tea with a very pleasant taste. Whole Foods are quick and convenient, simple to use anywhere. They are in a form easily UTILIZED by the body.

It should be understood that the optimum source of nutrition for the body is our daily FOOD. Chemicals isolated FROM foods, commonly known as vitamin or mineral tablets, are NOT as easily recognized or effectively used by the body as whole foods are.

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