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What can destroy the bacteria and lead to Candidiasis?

Yeast may overgrow when antibiotics, medications, drugs, birth control and hormone pills, and steroids (such as Prednisone and Cortisone) are taken. These medications tend to kill the good bacteria in addition to the bad bacteria that caused the present illness. This allows the yeast to reign freely until our Immune System beats it back once again.

The typical modern diet facilitates the problem. Refined sugars and high starch/carbohydrate foods give the yeast exactly what it needs to flourish. (This is why we add sugar or honey to the yeast when we make bread! This is also why so many people CRAVE sweets and breads just as badly as an alcoholic craves alcohol--the yeast is screaming for fuel to keep ever growing!)

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Another factor allowing yeast overgrowth is STRESS. Stress depresses or even shuts down the Immune System. It is noted that following a great stress (such as the loss of a mate) a person is more than likely to become seriously ill within the next year, as a result of that stress on the body.

When a history of multiple medications is combined with poor diet and high stress, the stage may be set for Systemic Candida.

What symptoms can be caused by Candida?

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