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There are specific foods that are alkaline and help to flush the acid and fat from the body

Is Acid Weighing you down?

By Cheryline Lawson

The body is naturally acidic. This is a true statement. However, the foods we eat add to this acidity and the fat in our body stores the additional acid, which results in overweight problems and an unhealthy body. There are specific foods that are alkaline and help to flush the acid and fat from the body. These alkaline foods replace the acid and rapid weight loss is inevitable.

Here are some foods from the alkaline food list:

1. Vegetables
2. Wheat Grass
3. Fruit (grapefruit, lemon, lime are good)
4. Nuts (almond)
5. Fish oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil and liver oil
6. Grains – Buckwheat, quinoa, spelt
7. Condiments – red chili pepper, sea salt, most herbs and spices
8. Goat milk
9. Beans and legumes
10. Pumpkin seeds and Sesame seeds

In addition to these foods, water is very essential in our daily diet. We can also supplement our food list with products that already contain all these ingredients above. There is a product called Energy Green that has all these alkaline foods as part of its ingredients so there would be no need to consume each item on the food list - there would be everything all in one product.

The body requires more attention to survive longer and remain in good health. Our health is a product of what we eat. Taking back control of our health and weight requires more awareness of our food consumption.

Here are some strong acidic foods to avoid or eat in very low moderation:

1. Dried fruit
2. Mustard
3. White sugar
4. Soy Sauce
5. Cashews and peanuts
6. Barley, corn and rye
7. Beef, organ meat and pork
8. Cottage cheese
9. Ice cream
10. Whey protein powder

The key to taking back our health is education and knowledge about food intake and its effect on the body. Weight loss is the primary goal of most people, but pursuing a weight loss diet will not necessarily meet the long-term goal of keeping the weight off. Healthy eating and moderate exercise should become a lifestyle. Taking a supplement is also recommended if the foods we eat don’t contain all the right amounts of alkaline to assist in healthy living.

Learn all you can about the effects of alkaline versus acid in the body. Here are some effects that will give you a head start:

1. Acid –can cause overweight problems, indigestion, acid reflux, loss of energy, stores the fat
2. Alkaline- gives more energy, natural and safe weight loss, eliminates chronic digestive problems, regulate blood sugar, strengthen the immune system, gets rid of the acid

Acid overload drains so much of our energy that the body doesn't have enough energy to fight off viruses and disease. In other words, the immune system is weakened. More so, when the body is overly acid there is more vulnerability to germs, yeast, bacteria, molds and fungi. Why? Because all these microorganisms thrive in acidity! In an alkaline environment they are weakened and cannot multiply as well. Therefore, by keeping the body alkaline it can prevent colds, the flu, and many other illnesses.

To protect against acid buildup, the body begins to create and store fat. Even if you are on a weight loss diet and you exercise, your body will try to hold on to this fat because it is important for protection against acids. That is why many people who restore alkalinity in their body find it incredibly easier to lose weight.

There are so many weight loss pills available today. Hoodia is a very popular one. However, more pills are not the solution. The true way to lose weight is to do so naturally and with permanent results and a healthier body.

Cheryline Lawson, author and owner of website at

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Healthy eating and moderate exercise should become a lifestyle. Taking a supplement is also recommended if the foods we eat don’t contain all the right amounts of alkaline to assist in healthy living.

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