100 Things About Me

Saw a “100 things about me” list somewhere and thought “what a great way to share a bunch of useless but interesting stuff about one self”. So, my blog, my rules. Here’s 100 things about me you probably didn’t know.

  1. I once weighed 475 pounds
  2. I once worked at 7-11
  3. I was a telephone solicitor for 1 week
  4. I delivered and took photos for the Auto Trader
  5. I’ve never delivered a baby
  6. I won 1st place in a chess tournament in grade 9 and had the match published in my hometown paper
  7. I ran over myself with my own car and nobody was driving (I had been drinking, but I was not driving the car – nobody was – long story)
  8. I’m a Red Belt in Taekwondo
  9. I’ve broken 6 bricks with my hand in a single chop
  10. In my first Judo class, I put the 3rd degree Black Belt instructor on his back during an exercise
  11. I’ve bungee jumped 6 times
  12. I’ve skydived 40 times with the highest jump being from 15,000 feet
  13. I had to cut away my main chute and release my reserve parachute once
  14. I’ve whitewater rafted in Alberta and BC Canada as well as Costa Rica
  15. I’ve climbed Mt Kilimanjaro to Uhuru peak
  16. I’ve climbed to Mt Everest Base camp
  17. I’ve been on Nepalese television
  18. I have flown first class
  19. I’ve driven a Porsche 911
  20. I’ve driven a Dodge Viper
  21. I’ve driven a Ford Mustang convertible
  22. I’ve driven a go-cart
  23. I’ve gone 150 mph on a Yamaha FJ1200
  24. I’ve eaten fire
  25. I’ve walked on fire for 50 feet
  26. I’ve had a cinder block broken over my chest with a sledge hammer while laying on a bed of nails
  27. I once snorted salt
  28. I’ve been in Mens Health Magazine
  29. I’ve been in the Edmonton Sun, twice, as a featured story in the Lifestyle section
  30. I’ve been quoted in the New York Times
  31. I’ve been on 3 cruises and didn’t pay for any of them
  32. I’ve been to Disney World and Disney Land
  33. I’ve been to the Panama Canal
  34. I’ve been to Zanzibar
  35. I’ve been inside one of the pyramids of Giza
  36. I have touched the Great Pyramid
  37. I’ve ridden a camel (… and his name was Mike Tyson)
  38. I’ve ridden an elephant
  39. I took my first and only balloon ride in Kenya
  40. I was at the top of the Empire State Building on the day of it’s 75th anniversary
  41. I’ve held and kissed a stingray in the Cayman Islands
  42. I’ve had a Singapore Sling at the Rafters Hotel in Singapore where they were invented
  43. I’ve been to the observation deck of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  44. I have snorkeled in the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Canada and in the Indian Ocean
  45. Scuba diving kinda freaks me out a little
  46. I have hiked the West Coast Trail
  47. I own 3 backpacks
  48. I’ve been to 4 continents – North America, Europe, Asia and Africa
  49. I’ve been to 20 countries
  50. I’ve written the RCMP entrance exam
  51. I’ve driven OVER 500,000 kilometers as a taxi driver
  52. I’m a level 2 collision investigator
  53. I’ve investigated over 550 traffic collisions, 3 of which were fatalities
  54. I had a cat named “Fuzz Nuts”
  55. I once lived with 2 Cayman alligators
  56. I was lead trumpet for 3 years in junior high school
  57. I own a Jeep
  58. I played paintball twice a month for the better part of a year on a team called Law and Order
  59. I was vegetarian for 12 years and vegan for 2 of that
  60. I once quit drinking for a period of 12 years
  61. I look better with a tan
  62. I have trouble remembering people’s names and I’ve surrendered to that fact
  63. Was voted “the grad who has changed the most” at my 10 year high school reunion
  64. I’ve shot a handgun, a shotgun, and a rifle
  65. I used to own a compound bow and know how to use one
  66. I love red wine
  67. My favorite beers are Corona, Heineken and Alexander Keiths
  68. I drink between 8 and 10 litres of water a day
  69. I once went 40 days without eating
  70. I do at least one day of cleansing a month, more often two days in a row
  71. I am a former smoker
  72. I had a talk radio show for 3 months
  73. I had the privilege of interviewing 5 time Mr Universe, Bill Pearl
  74. I have Monica Brandt’s cell phone number (Tom Venuto’s too for that matter)
  75. I trust my intuition
  76. I am responsible for Paulette’s first hangover
  77. I compost
  78. I recycle – but more important, I reuse and reduce. I HATE single use plastic bags.
  79. I talk in my sleep
  80. I learned to program in BASIC on an Apple II+ computer in the early 80’s
  81. I am a hot sauce connoisseur
  82. I use only mustard and hot sauces as condiments
  83. I LOVE fresh ground organic pepper
  84. I can type over 80 words a minute
  85. I’ve seen Black Hawk Down over 20 times
  86. I’ve seen the entire series Band of Brothers over 10 times
  87. My #1 pet peeve is cyclists that don’t dismount when crossing in a cross walk
  88. My #2 pet peeve is motorists who stop for cyclists who have NOT dismounted
  89. My #3 pet peeve is cyclist who get mad at motorists who don’t stop for them when they’re sitting on their bikes
  90. I have a personal best of 60 consecutive push ups. My goal is 100 consecutive
  91. I have used Stevia as a sweetener for over 15 years
  92. I have never bought sugar or white flour in my entire life
  93. I think the bible is just a book, edited many times, by many different people, for many different reasons
  94. I have read all but one of the Harry Potter books
  95. I have two cats, Pumpkin and Boo
  96. I proposed to my girlfriend after climbing up the side of Mt Yamnuska in the Canadian Rockies
  97. I proposed on 8-8-8 and we’re getting married on 9-9-9
  98. I couldn’t care less if my whites and my darks are washed together
  99. I can quote the definition of a “hiccup” at a moments notice
  100. I used to eat up to 40 egg whites a day including 16 of those raw